Feb 10, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Great Sale?

Our local Wal-Mart wannabe occasionally has GREAT sales on their children's clothing. It happens to be one of those occasions this week.
Items Purchased:
Sweaters - 5
Dress Shirts - 2
Dress Pants - 1
Other Pants - 3
Long Sleeve Shirts - 11
Socks -6 pairs

Original Price for above items:
The Price I paid:

Don't worry Mike. Just think of it as SAVING $157.20 rather than spending $58.80!


Amy said...


Unknown said...

I guess I must of missed the socks being on sale. I've got to go back tommorow and get some. I love it when they have their sales. It's almost as good as Christmas.

Marissa said...

Hilarious! I'm soo the same way. I'll come home with stuff and tell Aaron all the money we saved and his reply is, "But you still spent $58.80." I have to remind him though that we had to buy the stuff anyway- that usually keeps things in perspective. Don't you just love a GOOD SALE?!

Kelli said...

Hahaha! I'm rolling! You sound just like me. I say that exact same thing to Mark all the time "Look how much I saved!!!" but he just sees our bank account slowly draining. If only he knew! Anyway, great job on the bargain shopping. Nothing feels better than "saving" a few bucks.

Arah Debra said...

Very impressive! You're quite the bargain shopper. That's a ton of clothes for under $60.

tchutchins said...

I love a great sale as well!!! Too bad we couldn't find the steals like that more often!!!

Jyl said...

Wow you need to take me shopping with you!


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