Aug 31, 2010

Fall Fair

One of my favorite memories, as a child, is entering projects into the local Fall Fair. You could enter anything from art work to baking to vegetable creations and so forth. I talked the boys into entering some things of their own this year. Walker was excited from the get go but Porter wasn't really all that interested until Walker was ready to walk out the door to go register. Porter decided last minute that he would draw a picture and he entered that.

Walker walked away with a first, second and third place ribbon for his entries and sadly, Porter didn't get a ribbon but was still very proud that they hung his picture up and everyone got to see it. Plus he told me now he has seen what the judges like and can do something similar next year. :)

I didn't get a picture of Walker's first prize lego creation before he tore it to pieces to create something new but I did get picture of the picture he drew and his name that he wrote out.

Walker's picture is the pink and yellow rocket(????) and Porter drew the colorful house at the top of the picture. He said those were the best stars he's ever drawn and was quite proud of himself. They can't wait to enter stuff next year and have already started thinking about what they want to enter.

Good work boys!!!

Emilia is Here!

Saturday night we picked Emilia up at the airport! She is from Finland and will be spending the school year with our family here in B.C. We are very excited to get to know her and her culture better.

Here's to a great year!!!


This has been a very smokey summer for us in B.C. We have had forest fires burning everywhere. It got so smokey here that I started to feel very clausterphobic at one point! It was hard to breathe and all of our throats and noses hurt.

This is what it usually looks like off of our back deck -

This is what it looked like when it was smokey -

There were even a few days that were worse than this but I didn't even want to go outside to take a picture!

Luckily we've had some rain and cooler weather and the fires have died down considerably.

Aug 11, 2010

Mmmmm... Tomato...

Today I picked the first two red tomatos from the green house, brought them inside and set them on the table. I went about doing a few chores and when I returned I found this...

I can't really be upset. I'm just glad he appears the like tomatos... with a little salt, of course!


I was working upstairs the other day while the boys played downstairs. I could hear all kinds of laughing and it was obvious they were having a lot of fun. After a while I heard them come upstairs and when I turned around, this is what I saw...

Pure awesomeness if you ask me!

I love these little boys and hope they never lose this crazy side of them!

Aug 6, 2010


I saw this on another blog and had to share.

I am so grateful for the Savior's influence in my life and in my family's lives and I am in awe of the power and the influence He has in other's lives.


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