Sep 26, 2008

A Litte Boy and His Legos

Porter made this the other day and was quite proud of it. I think he did a great job and his description of it is awesome! I asked him to explain to me what it was and this is what he said...

"The big red guy in the front is Luke Skywalker. The littler one is Yoda, (behind the big one), and behind the small one is Padme. She has green legs. And the very back one is Princess Leia. They are on the Millennium Falcon. The gun is in the front. It's red."

The kid likes Star Wars!

Road Construction Woes

There has been a ton of construction going on all summer and fall on Highway 16, the highway between Vanderhoof and Prince George. The other day I needed to get some things that Vanderhoof didn't offer and so we headed to Prince George. Mike took the boys swimming while I did my shopping. It was great for me and fun for them too. Only problem was we had to wait in construction for 45 MINUTES!!! We had to wait for who knows what and after a while opposing traffic started driving by. The boys hung out the sunroof and waved and waved. They had a great time. Mike.... not so much.

When we were headed home Walker started singing. He does that lately. He just walks around singing songs from movies he loves. "A Real Religious Man" is a popular one with him, but today it was Star Wars. Enjoy!

Walker Sings Star Wars from Karli Hurren on Vimeo.

I think we may have tuckered them out! I am getting way too many of these photos lately. You might think me a terribly mean mom to make my kids sleep in the car all the time but the truth is they are having a ball playing at cousins houses, going to lakes and rivers, swimming etc... And every time we get in the car to come home this is what happens....

Sep 10, 2008

Welcome Baby Max... least I think that's what his name will be. Max was born at about 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 10th. He weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. Mom and baby are doing great. The labor started off slow with a few stalls but once he decided to come there was no stopping him! (I think the rough stuff was only about 2 hours total!!) You'll have to wait for Kaelen and Rochelle to update their blog with the accurate details.

Anyway, just wanted to post a few pictures of my newest nephew.

Pretty sure moms aren't supposed to look this good after just having a baby! Seriously, I walked in the room and thought she must not have had him yet because she looked so good!

He seems to like his hand up by his face. What a cutie!

Emma was so funny! My sisters and I went to her house to pick up her and Kael so they could come see the baby. We hadn't even turned the car off yet and she was running out to us in her p.j.'s, no shoes, and no jacket! She was so excited to see him! She tickled him and played with his little toes and even sang him part of a lullaby. She really loves her new little brother!

I love, love, love this picture! Kael was a little aprehensive to touch the baby or even get near him at first but he warmed up a little and then couldn't have cared less. He did, however, have a great time playing with the buttons to make Rochelle's bed go up and down and he spent most of the time walking up to everyone there asking to play with the 'doys'. So cute!

So... one girl in eighteen. What are the odds of that?

Oh, and Rochelle went epidural free again! Pretty sure she is my new hero!!!

What's For Dinner?

If you asked Walker what we had for dinner tonight he would have told you, "Ton Ton's". You know, like the big hairy creatures that they ride on in the ice world of Hoth in the Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. (Okay, never thought I would know that random piece of information.)

If you asked Porter what we had for dinner tonight, he would have told you, "Croutons".

What did we really have for dinner tonight?

And they were goooood!!!

Sep 6, 2008

C.B.A. Anonymous

Friday night's A.A. C.B.A. Meeting went something like this:

me: "Hi, I'm Karli and I'm a Cluster Blogger."
them: "Hi Karli!"

Edited to Add:

clus·ter blog·ger noun\ˈkləs-tər\ \ˈblgər, ˈblägər\
Middle English, from Old English clyster; akin to Old English clott clot; short for Weblogger
an extremely lazy person, inclined to ignore blogging for days on end, then think she can make up for it by posting several blogs at once.

Man I Love This Little Punk!

So you might have noticed from some of the photos on my other posts that I am trying my hand at Photoshop. This is something I've wanted to do for a really long time and I finally am taking the time to do it. I've only been at it a few days and already I have learned a few cool things. (Thanks to an awesome husband that will answer my questions when I have them!)

This picture is one of my favorites. I'll post a SOOTC, ('straight out of the camera', learned this from The Pioneer Woman), shot and a post-photoshop shot. Tell me what you think!



another after with different effects...
because my kids are asleep and I can!
Don't judge me!

***Mama Mia***

If you're wondering why the change in music on my blog, this post should answer that question! Me and my girls went to see.....

The show was so, so, so great. I think I'll have to buy this one! All of the songs totally brought me back to 'Growing up Gulbranson' days. If you haven't been to this movie yet it's a must see!!! Bring your girlfriends and have a great time! And rumor is they are opening a sing-along version soon. Ok, that's not rumor. I just looked it up and the sing-along version is open in select cities only. Click here to see if it's playing near you!!!

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!!!


Porter started school yesterday. He is excited and happy and I know he'll do wonderfully. I'll miss having him around every day and Walker is going to miss him a lot too, but we are happy for him and wish him the best. Good luck little buddy!

And some of you will be proud to know that when Mrs.Rancier taught him how to sign "I love you" in sign language, (after reading The Kissing Hand), Porter promptly showed her how to sign "Rock N' Roll"! I don't think Mike could have been any prouder!

The BEST Vacuum EVER!

You really should try it out! You'll be hooked and find it hard to ever go back!

Sep 5, 2008

This is why you shouldn't let your 4 year old feed your 8 month old...

A Few Things I Learned Over the Labor Day Long Weekend

1) If you decide to take a drive with your family to someplace you remember from your childhood, be sure to get detailed driving instructions. A map would even be better. Your memory of a bridge and some trees will NOT get you there!
2) Don't promise your children anything you aren't 100% sure you can deliver on, like, oh, say, a fantastic quick drive to some awesome waterfalls!
3)When driving someplace that you have no idea the distance to... make sure you have a FULL tank of gas.
4)Be sure to turn around when you have used half the gas that was in your tank! (This applies whether you have reached said destination or not!)
5)When your wife says, "I know how to get there! ", or, "Let's go a little further...I think it's right around the next corner!", or, "We'll be fine on gas. We can go for a long time after it says
'0 Kilometers until empty'!", trust your instincts... not your wife! (Sorry Mike)

-This is what we went to see but never did find-

-This is what we saw instead. A Pine Beetle forest. It wasn't pretty-

-Walker picked me a flower at the dam-

-The Hurren 'men' walking on the dam-

-This is what happens when you spend all day driving on a winding, dusty, dirt road-


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