Sep 26, 2008

Road Construction Woes

There has been a ton of construction going on all summer and fall on Highway 16, the highway between Vanderhoof and Prince George. The other day I needed to get some things that Vanderhoof didn't offer and so we headed to Prince George. Mike took the boys swimming while I did my shopping. It was great for me and fun for them too. Only problem was we had to wait in construction for 45 MINUTES!!! We had to wait for who knows what and after a while opposing traffic started driving by. The boys hung out the sunroof and waved and waved. They had a great time. Mike.... not so much.

When we were headed home Walker started singing. He does that lately. He just walks around singing songs from movies he loves. "A Real Religious Man" is a popular one with him, but today it was Star Wars. Enjoy!

Walker Sings Star Wars from Karli Hurren on Vimeo.

I think we may have tuckered them out! I am getting way too many of these photos lately. You might think me a terribly mean mom to make my kids sleep in the car all the time but the truth is they are having a ball playing at cousins houses, going to lakes and rivers, swimming etc... And every time we get in the car to come home this is what happens....


Amy said...

Love the video of Walker singing Star Wars. I too get to listen to that on a regular basis from Andrew. It's funny!

Kelli said...

Your kids are the cutest ever! Luke is always singing too and I keep telling myself that I need to get it on video. You've inspired me to just do it :) And what could be better than kids sleeping in the car? It just goes to show that they are really living and having as much fun as they can get to be that tuckered out all the time! You're a great mommy ;)


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