Sep 5, 2008

A Few Things I Learned Over the Labor Day Long Weekend

1) If you decide to take a drive with your family to someplace you remember from your childhood, be sure to get detailed driving instructions. A map would even be better. Your memory of a bridge and some trees will NOT get you there!
2) Don't promise your children anything you aren't 100% sure you can deliver on, like, oh, say, a fantastic quick drive to some awesome waterfalls!
3)When driving someplace that you have no idea the distance to... make sure you have a FULL tank of gas.
4)Be sure to turn around when you have used half the gas that was in your tank! (This applies whether you have reached said destination or not!)
5)When your wife says, "I know how to get there! ", or, "Let's go a little further...I think it's right around the next corner!", or, "We'll be fine on gas. We can go for a long time after it says
'0 Kilometers until empty'!", trust your instincts... not your wife! (Sorry Mike)

-This is what we went to see but never did find-

-This is what we saw instead. A Pine Beetle forest. It wasn't pretty-

-Walker picked me a flower at the dam-

-The Hurren 'men' walking on the dam-

-This is what happens when you spend all day driving on a winding, dusty, dirt road-

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