Aug 16, 2008

So Overdue!

I have been meaning to post this since Walker's birthday on June 23rd. I know, I'm a little behind. I do have an excuse however. All of our photos since we've been married are on our family laptop. Said laptop crashed the beginning of May and we weren't able to access any of our photos. Bummer. Some good came out of the crash though. For instance... I got a new laptop just for me. (Thanks honey!) Mike finally got the parts in the mail to fix the other computer and we're back in business! So, without further ado...

-Happy Birthday Walker-
3 Years Old

And a few photos from his birthday party:

We played on the slip n' slide!!!

We played 'Pin the Ginch on the Nacho'

Walker got to open presents

Walker fighting Porter and cousin Conner in his new Nacho costume.
Thanks Grandma Hurren.

"Eagle powers come to me, PLEASE!"

Even Luke had a great time!


Mike Hurren said...

Wahoo! First comment.

Anna said...

so fun! looks like the party was a smashing success. nacho is the bomb! i also LOVE the changing table. i like to do stuff like that, too. but haven't been too successful or had too much experience with that yet. someday i'll be like you and your sisters, karli! :)

Jyl said...

Ohhhh my gosh,.,,. that is too cute Karli! Nacho Libre... too cute!

Kelli said...

Love the Nacho suit! "It's the BEST! I LOVE it!" And that last picture of Luke is so stinkin cute!! And I love your new blog design too. That's all :)

Marissa Gwilliam said...

WOW! We have the same blog background! HA! THat is hilarious! I guess it's cause we're family....We miss seeing you guys. Now that we both split town I'm sure Salt Lake is achin'! Hope to see you soon!


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