Apr 14, 2008

Wait a Minute.... Moving Kind of Stinks!!!

So while I am really very excited to get up to Canada and set up shop there, I am not enjoying the packing phase of things. My house is a disaster! Kara came and helped me pack up all the decorations last week and this week I am working on random things. Today was the boys' room. I took all the clothes out of their dresser and put them in plastic bins. I guess that could have waited for a little while but I really want to have everything done early. I really hate it when people ask for help moving but what they really mean is will you come over and pack up my house and then move it and then clean it up after? I guess service is service but that really gets to me. I guess maybe I'm just a jerk! Anyway, after the dresser and closet were done I moved on to the crib and bunk beds. I usually let Mike take care of this sort of thing but I decided to tackle it myself. Man, those things have a lot of little pieces to them. I think I pulled out about 50 screws from the bunk beds alone! Oh, and they're heavier than they look too! Anyway, so now my boys are living out of plastic bins and sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I was going to feel bad for them until they saw it and thought it was pretty cool. Not too sure why we bought them cool bunk beds in the first place if they were happy with mattresses on the floor. Oh wait, now I remember why..... it was because I wanted them. :) I think tomorrow I might tackle the kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, since I worked so hard today maybe I'll take a break and go shopping. After the garage sale I realized I have a lot of extra space..... Just kidding Mike!

Apr 3, 2008

Just Some Cute Pictures of Luke

I keep thinking Luke is getting so big but I put my wedding ring on his finger and I realized how small he still is.

Peanut Butter Cookies

My family loves peanut butter cookies. I think they are the favorite by far and Walker really wanted to make some the other day. I thought about the pros..... yummy cookies, snacks on demand for a few days... and I thought about the cons..... possibly more weight gain on my already robust buttocks, having to clean up the mess etc... Guess which one won out? Yeah, my butts already big, whats another cookie or two? I told Walker he could help and we had a good time of it. It was a little difficult keeping Walker out of the dough and I finally gave up and let him go for it. The end result.... yummy cookies and snacks on demand for a few days, okay maybe they only lasted the evening, but dang it they were good!

Boys Will Be Boys

So I like to consider myself a fun person, up for whatever and willing to let things slide in the name of having a good time. Well the other day Walker found my old bag of balloons and a pump that I use to tie balloon animals and such. I haven't pulled this out for a while so I thought what the heck, lets make some cute little balloon animals. I made a nice little bunny, a parrot in a swing, some flowers and a few other cute things I thought the boys would like to play with.

Well, I was right about one thing.....they did want to play with the balloons. Their idea of play, however, was a little different than mine. With dad in the picture and being the boys that they are, the balloons soon lost their shape and became weapons of mass destruction. I can honestly say I was not surprised, just a little sad that my hard work ended up looking like this......

Hell, even Luke got into it!

Apr 2, 2008

The Real Estate Process Steps 2,3,4.......and so on

I am so far behind on my blogging it is ridiculous. At least I feel I have an excuse! So we put our house on the market in February thinking that would give us time to be sure to have a buyer by July when we had planned to be up in Canada. We have been told the market is very slow and we would need to expect to be on the market for a while. We had the real estate experts come through on two different occasions with the feedback the same both times. "Great house, great yard, great staging, be prepared to wait a while because things aren't selling very quickly right now." Well, we had only two people come through the house in the first couple of weeks and we figured the experts were right. That is until the second couple that came through asked to come through again, then again, then put an offer in. We were a little surprised to say the least. We kind of thought we wouldn't get any offer for quite a while. Even our agents were surprised. We thought that their initial offer was a little low and knew we had some time to sit on it if we needed to so we came back and said we wanted full asking price. They accepted! I think they really want the house, ok, I know they really want the house. They are planning to have their reception here in early May so we are closing the end of April and will be officially homeless the first of May. We are waiting for all of the final stuff to go through. The home inspector was here yesterday and checked everything out and the appraiser should be here before next week. After that we just wait until closing. Very exciting. Now we are in the process of cleaning the house out for a garage sale and getting ready to pack everything. (Anyone have any extra boxes?) If you are looking for a bunch of junk our garage sale is April 12th. Come on over! Actually we are getting rid of some pretty good stuff. The thought of moving it to Canada is inspiration enough to sell it though. Maybe we can make enough money to pay for the gas it will take to get up there, I doubt it though. So, as long as everything goes well, we will be out of here soon. Wish us luck!


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