Apr 3, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

So I like to consider myself a fun person, up for whatever and willing to let things slide in the name of having a good time. Well the other day Walker found my old bag of balloons and a pump that I use to tie balloon animals and such. I haven't pulled this out for a while so I thought what the heck, lets make some cute little balloon animals. I made a nice little bunny, a parrot in a swing, some flowers and a few other cute things I thought the boys would like to play with.

Well, I was right about one thing.....they did want to play with the balloons. Their idea of play, however, was a little different than mine. With dad in the picture and being the boys that they are, the balloons soon lost their shape and became weapons of mass destruction. I can honestly say I was not surprised, just a little sad that my hard work ended up looking like this......

Hell, even Luke got into it!


Mike Hurren said...

I don't care what you fold them to look like, every balloon is essentially just a sword, waiting to be swung at a 2-year old.

Shina said...

It must be a boy thing because my little brother is the same way.


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