Jun 27, 2008

Art City Days

Every year here in Springville we get to celebrate Art City Days. It's a ton of fun and the boys LOVE it! We do all kinds of different things to celebrate our little city but I think this year takes the cake. We did something almost everyday for a week and had so much fun!


Monday was the Teddy Bear Picnic at the library. We went with Z. Mendenhall and her girls and it was great! Each of the kids brought a stuffed animal and we started with story time. The kids learned all about caterpillars and butterflies in the basement of the library. After story time they were divided into groups and then sent to different stations to do crafts. They played with play-dough, made hats, painted, drank 'butterfly nectar' and just had a really great time.

Porter and Walker creating their caterpillar hats.

After the crafts we ate our picnic. Z was nice enough to share her lunch with us since we were running late and didn't have a chance to make one before we left. I was going to get something from a drive-thru later but this was so much better. Thanks Z!

Lillie, Walker, Christie and Porter with their painted butterflies and caterpillar hats!


We spent Tuesday getting bikes and masks ready for the Children's Parade (more on that to come). The boys loved it and, actually, I had a little fun too!


Wednesday was the Fun-A-Rama at the Arts Park. The boys rode on a train, jumped on a ton of inflated slides, watched a magic show and finally, went rock-climbing. When we first got to the activity Porter saw the rock-climbing wall and that's what he wanted to do most. We looked at the line and it was really long so we decided we would go on different rides and come back to it later to see if the line got smaller. We did the other rides, got some lunch and cotton candy and then went to stand in the rock-climbing line. It actually didn't take that long and pretty soon it was our turn. Porter went first and really liked it but it turns out all he really wanted to do was swing on the rope after he was done climbing! They had fun though and that's all that mattered!!

Porter climbing up the wall.

Walker getting strapped into his harness and contemplating the huge wall looming above him.


We spent Thursday inside, recuperating from Wednesday and gearing up for Friday. Read on and you'll see why!


Friday was a busy day. We left the house at about 9:15 a.m. to be able to get to the Children's Parade on time. We have done this event for the last three years and really wanted to do it again this year. Of course, the last three years we lived basically across the street from where they start the parade so we didn't have to leave early to find parking or anything. It was a little different this year!

I guess I should explain what the Children's Parade entails... Each year, the city of Springville invites all the children in the city to ride in the Children's Parade. Most kids ride their bikes, some ride skateboards or scooters and some even ride those little battery powered 4-wheelers. The babies that can't walk are pushed by their moms and everyone marches/rides their bikes etc... around a couple of blocks. It's great fun. There are usually spectators around the route and some of them even throw candy for the kids!

So about 9:30 we picked up Z and her kids and their bikes. I had Mike's truck, since he was out of town (more on that to follow), and we used that so we could fit all of the bikes into the back.

We got to the parade, parked by the old house, unloaded the bikes, sunblocked up and we were on our way. We got in the line to start and volunteers from the high-school were there giving out participation ribbons and Airhead candy. After that the kids didn't really care much about the actual parade. They had gotten their treats and they were ready to go eat them! Being the horribly mean mom that I am, I made them actually ride in the parade still.

One of the funnest things about the parade is that most kids spend the days leading up to it by decorating their bikes and scooters to show them off to the other kids with decorated bikes etc... The kids love to look at all of the decorated bikes and the awesome costumes some of the kids wear. There are usually a lot of superheroes and princesses and one time we even saw a family walking the parade route with their decorated goat and duck in tow. Seriously, a real goat and duck on leashes and with bows around their necks!

So this year I took the boys to Partyland and let them pick out decorations that they would like to put on their bikes. I was able to keep them focused on doing a 'theme' for their bikes and we ended up with patriotic like decor. We also painted masks to wear. I let them paint the base of the masks themselves and then I embellished to add a little flair! This is what the end result looked like:

Walker on his 'motorcycle'.

Porter on his bike.

Both boys being very proud of how their bikes turned out!

Christie, Porter, Lillie and Walker on their bikes in the middle of the parade.


After the Children's parade we headed over to the Children's Art Festival. We had never been to this before but had heard great things so decided to check it out. There were a ton of tables, each with different crafts on them and they were all FREE! They had a little welcome kit and we learned that if we went to at least seven different craft tables we could get a special prize! The boys thought this was super cool so we went for it.

The first thing we did was draw on a mural for the Art Museum. They each drew a picture of anything they wanted. Porter drew a shark and I'm not sure what Walker drew but it looked something like a tornado :) After that we did sidewalk chalk, little puppets made out of paper cups, face painting, bead bracelets, balloon animals, thumb print art, and a lot more. They had pottery for each child to do, entertainment, leather pounding.... I could go on and on. We decided to do lunch there too but by the time we got around to it they were sold out of hot dogs so instead we had donuts and otter pops! Not the most nutritious but yummy all the same! I didn't actually take any pictures at the festival due to the fact that I had three kids on my own in a very crowded place and didn't want to lose anyone and it was really, really hot. I did take a picture when we got home though...

Luke and his face painting!

We didn't get home until late afternoon and we were pooped. The boys wanted a nap but I managed to keep them awake until about 6:30 and then they crashed for the night. I think that might be the first time they have ever slept in. It was great!


This was another busy day. We left the house about 9:30 again to get a good spot at the Grand Parade. Doug, (Mike's dad) had gone down earlier to save us a spot and he got a great one. We were in the shade most of the time so it wasn't too hot and we were at the beginning of the route so there was a lot of candy being thrown and none of the people marching or on the floats were tired yet.

So every other year the boys have ridden on the firetruck in the parade. Mike's a member of the fire department and as a 'perk' all of the kids of the firemen get to ride in the parade. This year Mike was gone so we decided to watch the parade instead. I think after getting all of the candy that they did the boys started wondering why they had ever ridden on the truck in the first place. There they had to throw the candy to other kids but watching the parade they got to keep what they got! And let me tell you... they got a ton of it! More than they ever have trick-or-treating! But you tell me.... could you have resisted giving candy to these two?

Yes, they both put on costumes for the parade and no, it wasn't my idea. These two just really love to dress-up and make believe. You can't see their faces but they are also wearing their masks that we made earlier in the week. They've pretty much worn them every day since then too!

Anyway, there were a ton of great floats, horses, bands, firetrucks etc... but I think their favorite part of the entire parade, (besides the candy, of course) was when they met Captian Hook and Peter Pan!

Captain Hook tried to convince them to join the pirates and Peter Pan let them know he thought the Lost Boys was the way to go. I am sorry to say (but not surprised :)) that they picked the pirates.

All in all, it was a GREAT parade and I even learned a few things:

1. If your kids are dressed in a costume with a crazy mask they will be noticed and given a lot more candy!
2. Even missionaries have stuff to give away in the parade. Apparently parades are great places to give out reference cards. Who would have thunk it?
3. There is enough candy at the parade that you don't need to pack any snacks. (I learned this the hard way when all of the food I brought melted and got really hot because all they wanted to eat was candy!)
4. (From the boys) Catching candy is a lot more fun than riding on the firetruck throwing the candy.
5. If you dance and wave and make yourself seen, your chances of getting candy are greatly increased. Unless of course the music is so loud that the people throwing the candy don't hear you and they are looking the other way so they don't see you dancing either! (See below)

We had lunch at the fire station after the parade. It's a tradition. Usually Mike volunteers with the other firemen to cook it and this is their main fund raiser for the year. It's usually packed and they make pretty decent food for the price that's charged.

After lunch me, the boys and grandma headed over to the carnival to go on a few rides and get some cotton candy and a scone (thank you Kiwanis club)! Last year we put the boys on a little roller coaster and Walker bawled the entire time. He was terrified of it! I felt really bad but he wanted to try it again this year and he did great on it. When he got off he had a HUGE smile on his face and wanted to ride again!

If you look in the very last car you can see Porter being a brave boy with his hands in the air. This cracked me up! He saw all the big kids doing it on the big rides!

They also rode on a little dragon ride that took them up and down and made crazy sounds....

And Walker's favorite? The motorcycles!

We stayed up late that night and I was going to take them down to the Arts Park for the fireworks show but frankly...we were all exhausted from the day. We did get to watch the fireworks from Doug and Paula's back deck though and I think I enjoyed that more than all the other years when we actually went to the show.

Art City Days was so much fun this year. It was exhausting going to all of these different events without Mike to help out with the boys but I really wanted them to be able to experience it all one last time before we moved to Canada. They loved it and I had a ton of fun too!

And where was Mike this whole time you say? He was down in Havasupai...

with his brothers doing things like this.....

(These are pictures taken in quick progression. The first is Mike and his brother Jesse getting ready to jump off the falls together. The rest show their jump and decent and the last is them hitting the water.)

Yeah, he's pretty crazy, but a ton of fun! Love you Mike!

So is this the longest blog post you have ever seen?!! If it is please leave a comment stating that you have never seen a blog so long before. Okay... that was a weak attempt at getting you to leave a comment, but I love comments.... so shoot me!

GG Hamlin and the Boys

This is Grandma Hamlin and the boys. They sure love her and are glad to have her around. They'll miss her when we move to Canada!

Jun 25, 2008

It's been approximately a month now so I thought I should let you know that there are some great posts coming soon! I have just been so busy! Okay, that's a lie. I've been incredibly unmotivated. Things are happening here and I want to write about them but actually taking the time to do so..... well, you can see for yourself. Anyway, just wanted to let my faithful readers (there must be some right?) know that there will be some new posts forthcoming.


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