Jan 31, 2009


This is Mike. He's cool and writes cools stuff on his blog. You should check it out. Until February 22nd that is, then you shouldn't read it for a week. Cause it will be terrible. But after that you should read it again. Cause I like him and he's a good writer. That is all. :)
So my husband, Mike, seems to be getting a little jealous these days. It would appear he isn't too happy that my blog rules and his blog drools.

You see, Mike happened to notice (okay, so I was bragging) that my blog recieved many more visits per day then his blog. I did mention that this is probably based solely on the fact that I actually post often and he fails to do so. I also mentioned that his writing is actually a million times better than mine and if he would take the time to update his blog his readership would surely be scads higher than mine.

It was at this point that my dear sweet husband issued a challenge. He suggested that we have a little competition. His idea was that by the last week in February he would have as many unique visitors to his blog, per day, as I do. Good luck honey. In fact, I'm even going to give you a little head start. So to all of my readers, you can check out Mike's blog here. Go check it out. He's a great writer and I promise you won't regret visiting his blog. My only request is that the last week of February you snub him. Feel free to visit here, I'll be sure to have some super fun photos, craft ideas, tutorials, etc... But if you are my friend, and I hope you are if you're reading this blog, you won't give in and visit Mike's blog from Feb.22nd-28th. :) March 1st you can catch up on all that you missed for the week but I have to win this challenge. I simply must! Because when it comes to anything computer related Mike is a genius and I would love to beat him at just one little thing on the computer. Even if is only that I had to beg and manipulate my way into getting people to read my blog and not his!

And now, my super sneaky way to get this blog to pop up on search engines so I get more unique hits. (Because I'm cheap like that and I really need this win) :)

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Jan 30, 2009

It is SO on!

Hey Mike, it's on. Do your best but know that I will win. I always win. You will go down and go down hard. Good luck, but you simply can't compete with the best. Bring it. ( I'll explain it to the rest of you soon.) :)

Jan 29, 2009

For Christmas this past year, (yes, I realize it is almost February and I am just now getting around to this. Cut me some slack ok?) I made aprons for all my female relatives up here. (Sorry Kara, yours is in the mail. Ok, that's a lie but I will make you one someday. I promise!) Anyway, I found this super cute pattern on this blog. It was fun and easy to make, even for a sewing rookie like me. Plus her pattern is easy to follow and has very clear instructions. It's a great pattern to use scrap material on and you could do a theme on too. Morgan (the lady I stole the pattern from) did her's in fun red and white fabrics for Valentines Day and I thought it was adorable. If you're stumped for a great idea for your hubby for Valentines Day I thought it might make a super fun piece of lingerie too ! :) Did I just say that?!?! I think I did, wink wink. Tell your husband he can thank me later! :) Go ahead, make one for yourself. I dare you!

Here is a picture of the one I made for Rochelle. I used different fabric for each apron and I liked how each turned out.

Public Skate Rocks

Every Monday and Friday night I take the boys down to the local ice arena for their speed skating club. Fridays, after speed skating, is open public skate where they offer free skate rentals and pretty cheap admittance. The boys are really enjoying their skate time but Mike and I don't get to skate with them much so we decided to do the public skate thing and invite the rest of the gang too. It was a blast and I'm sure we'll do it again soon.

Mindy, Emma and Gavyn

I told the boys they were sitting in the penalty box where the hockey players sit when they get mad and punch people. So then I asked them to show me their meanest faces and this is what I got...

McKay was nice and pushed Luke around for a while. As you can tell, Luke was having a blast :)

And the whole bunch of us! Hard to believe there were still 10 missing!

FHE Mishaps

I was in charge of the lesson Monday night for our Family Home Evening and decided I would really get the boys excited and we would act out the story of David and Goliath.

We began with a picture of David and Goliath from the Gospel Art Kit. The boys thought the story was pretty cool and were pretty excited when I told them they could dress up and act out the parts. Of course, Walker wanted to be "the bad guy" and Porter, being the accommodating brother that he is, was David. Walker got a fur sash thingy and a sword and Porter got a piece of old material wrapped around his head. I don't have many slings hanging around the house so we made do with an old medal from my high school basketball days. (Laugh all you want. I might not have been good but I had fun!)

The role playing was going great right up until we got to the part where Goliath was supposed to slowly walk towards David wielding his mighty sword. I told Porter, (David) to start swinging his 'sling' at the approaching Goliath but to be sure not to let go. This is where things quickly went downhill. Walker forgot he was supposed to 'slowly' approach and charged full speed ahead with his sword pointed at Porter's gut. Porter got about a swing and a half of the sling in and suddenly all H-E- double hockey sticks broke loose! Porter started bawling and holding his ear and Walker attacked. Apparently an old medal isn't a good idea for a five year old to use as a sling due to it's potentially harmful ability to graze one's ear as it swings overhead. That's right, in our story, David took himself down well before Goliath got close and then Goliath finished him off with a swift stab to the mid-section. I just hope they remember the story according to 1 Samuel 17 and not our slightly different version.

Luckily the night ended on a high note with everyone taking their shirts off and wrestling on the air mattress. Well, the boys anyway! :)

Jan 27, 2009

And..... I'm Back!

I wake up each morning with a general idea of the things I want to get done that day. I usually have a short list of things that must get done and then a few things that I would like to get done but can be put off if they need to be. This morning I had one thing that HAD to be done today. And here we are... 10:00 p.m. and I am finally getting to it. It's sad really... January 4th! Are you serious? My last post was actually January 4th? Wow! To be fair, I have been doing some pretty cool things and they've kept me busy. Things like...

Helping my sister Jana with her beautiful wedding cakes. She is really amazing!

...and taking and editing wedding photos for a blushing bride and handsome groom...

...and of course spending time sledding with my hubby, Mike. This particular time we went night sledding. It was about as much fun as you can have sledding and we will definitely be doing it again soon!
Anyway, please feel free to welcome me back to the wonderful world of blogging by leaving a comment, because let's face it, we all love a little bloggy love now and then!

Jan 4, 2009

Walker and Max

I think Walker has found a new friend in his little cousin Max.

New Year's Eve

Food, Games, Family, and more Food. New Year's Eve was fun but sadly... the oldest of the bunch and some of the youngest just couldn't hack it till the countdown.

And if you know anything about this kid... you will realize just how shocking this really is!!!

Just Some Photos From Sledding

Mike and Porter

Mike trying to save Porter from imminent death!

Russ getting some good air.

Caleb doing his 'thang!

And my personal favorite of the day... Kyle. Yes, he crashed hard and yes, he was fine.

I missed some great photos of McKay getting some really good air. Sorry McKay. I'll be sure to get you next time!

And please feel free to click on any of the pictures to get the full effect. Some of the faces, at close-up views, are priceless!

Some More Sledding Videos

Up here in the frozen north that is our home, we find enjoyment in the little things. Like sledding down frozen hills in futile attempts to become one with our surroundings. While the men and children have come to some sort of agreement with said snow, the women obviously have some bonding to do. Enjoy! (and please ignore the yelling, whooping, and incessant laughing in the background. It's hard to film and be quiet at the same time!!!)

Thanks for watching!!!


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