Jan 29, 2009

Public Skate Rocks

Every Monday and Friday night I take the boys down to the local ice arena for their speed skating club. Fridays, after speed skating, is open public skate where they offer free skate rentals and pretty cheap admittance. The boys are really enjoying their skate time but Mike and I don't get to skate with them much so we decided to do the public skate thing and invite the rest of the gang too. It was a blast and I'm sure we'll do it again soon.

Mindy, Emma and Gavyn

I told the boys they were sitting in the penalty box where the hockey players sit when they get mad and punch people. So then I asked them to show me their meanest faces and this is what I got...

McKay was nice and pushed Luke around for a while. As you can tell, Luke was having a blast :)

And the whole bunch of us! Hard to believe there were still 10 missing!


Marissa said...

Ingenous to take a stroller!

Karli said...

Yes well, I'm smart like that! :) Or is it lazy?

Lauri said...

Wish, wish we could be there.


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