Dec 6, 2011

Nieces & Nephews

I've decided I pretty much have the most adorable nieces and nephews around!

Max, Cora, Addie, Gavyn...

I'm not really a big fan of the photoshopping I see done where just a pop of color is left in the photo.  I think it's pretty much dated and I just find it cheesy.  If you like the look then I hope I haven't offended you... it's just my opinion and personal preference.  That being said... I kind of broke my own rule and did it anyway with the following picture.  For some reason I just thought it would be fun in this situation. :)

And I have to apologize to Rochelle... I brought Fruit by the Foot for all the kids to eat and without thinking, let them have their snack BEFORE pictures.  Turns out I kind of love that Superman's shirt is dirty around the collar.  Adds character if you ask me!


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