May 27, 2008

My Little Supermen

So, while Nacho is the definite favorite in our house, there is still some room for other super heroes. Grandma Hurren made a couple of Superman capes for the boys a couple of Christmas' ago and they love them. Enough so that when we sent everything we own up to Canada to await our arrival the capes stayed. I went to put the boys to bed the other night and this is what I found. Porter was Supermanning it up.

In case you are worried, he did make it to the bed. Over and over again! I was a little worried the first time I saw him but he made it so I figured it wouldn't hurt to let him 'fly' around for a little while.

Mike decided to pose Walker to look like he was flying through the air. I though it looked pretty authentic. What do you think?


If any of you haven't heard.... Walker is a HUGE Nacho Libre fan. Everything, from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he lays his tired little head down at night, is Nacho. He dresses like Nacho, he talks like Nacho and all day he does Nacho tricks. The latest one was trying to pull a tablecloth out from under some things he had put on it without making those things fall off. Just like Nacho does. Now, Walker is not a big kid by any means but the following pictures might suggest otherwise. No, he does not have a huge butt... he just layers it with countless pairs of undies and pajamas. I'm not sure why but for some reason he thinks this is what Nacho does.

At any given moment I can find Walker with many layers on. I am not kidding when I say he usually has 3-7 pairs of underwear on in addition to at least 3 pairs of pants and 3-4 shirts. Seven is his record, but the usual is about five. This makes it hard for him to get everything off when he has to take a potty break and we've had a few accidents but luckily I have about a billion pairs of undies for him. He thinks that Nacho dresses like this and I tried to reason with him for about 3 days and then gave up. If he is missing.... I know he is in his room putting on more clothes.

At night this is what the boys do, continuing the never ending Nachoness that is their lives. Luckily Walker likes to be Nacho and Porter likes to be Ramses. They are acting out the scene from the movie where Ramses unmasks Nacho.

One night we got the boys in the bathtub and then put them in bed. When we went to check on them later and tuck them in this is what we found...

And if you noticed that the pillows look a little wet, well, they are. Only because when we gave them their bath Walker thought it would be a good idea to take his Nacho mask in with him. We hung it out to dry but after we out them to bed he managed to find it and put it on. Soaking wet. What can I say.... the kid is a fan of Nacho.

P.S. does anyone have a pattern for a Nacho costume? Maybe some blue stretchy pants? :)

Hobble Creek and Dirty Boys

For family home evening last week we decided to go up Hobble Creek Canyon for the evening. The river was really swollen so we didn't get to play in it but we did get to have a nice fire and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. The boys had a great time.

About a week ago we let the boys pick out a treat at the gas station for some reason. (I can't remember why right now.) Walker picked some bubble gum tape and decided he wanted to bring it with us up the canyon. As we were driving up we heard some loud noises coming from the back seat and when I turned around I realized it was Walker with about half the package of gum in his mouth. He couldn't close his mouth to chew it because he had so much stuffed in, and Walker isn't like most two year olds. That kid will chew a piece of gum all day and not swallow it. Anyway, when we got up the canyon I asked him to show me how much he had in his mouth. Here was his response....

I'm not sure what it is about boys and their sticks, but the first thing the boys did was go and find some "awesome" sticks to play with. These sticks played the following roles on our outing: Light Sabers, Swords, Walking sticks, stir sticks (for the fire) and sticks to hit your brother with. The last one didn't fly with mom and dad but they did have a great time of it.

While they were waiting for the fire to get going so we could cook the dinner Porter and Walker found a tree to climb. And they did it in sandals too! Tricky little beasts!

All in all it was a fun filled evening doing what boys like to do best. Throw sticks and rocks in water, climb trees, play with fire, and eat campfire food. I'm lobbying for our next FHE to be at the spa. Anyone think I'll win that fight? Sigh.... I didn't think so either. Oh, and if you were wondering where Luke was this entire time.... he was asleep in the van!

May 19, 2008

WOW! Duck Pond Sludge Stinks!!

Grandma Hurren had a great idea to go feed the ducks today. The boys and I though it would be a lot of fun so off we went. Earlier the boys had declared it a pajama day so yes, I do realize that they are still in their pajamas in these pictures and before you mention it... I also realize Walker's ginch are on the outside of his pajamas. He is convinced that if he does this he is Nacho Libre. I don't tell him otherwise because I love it when they use their imaginations! Now, on to the duck feeding.... I brought my camera with me thinking this would be a fun thing to blog about. I had no idea what was in store for my blog....

It all started out innocently enough. Porter liked feeding the ducks the little pieces of bread we brought for them.

They both had fun tossing the bread into the water and watching the ducks fight over it. There were even quite a few ducklings swimming around. They were very cute!

Walker's favorite thing to do was chase the ducks back into the pond every time they got out. He ran up and down the shore chasing any strays back where they belonged!

What a cute little innocent kid right? That's what I thought too when I saw him standing there!

Porter and Walker decided to go down the pond a little further and when I called them back Walker came a runnin'. I was happy he had listened so quickly. That's kind of something we are working on with him. Anyway, Porter wasn't coming so I called him again and when I did Walker turned to see where he was. The bad thing was that Walker was still running in my direction while looking behind him. He didn't see the great big pile of sludge right in front of him and....

He was not happy about falling into the pit that you can see right behind him but man.... it was hilarious. Paula and I burst out laughing while trying to pull him out. He made the funniest sound I ever heard come out of his little mouth. He was sure he was drowning and had no idea what had even happened. I didn't think he normally minded being so dirty but after we rescued him for the sludge, I realized the real reason for his little yelp. That stuff stunk!!!! It was so bad I was gagging while trying to get his clothes off. Luckily he had on four... yes four.... pairs of underwear (he thinks Nacho wears a lot of underwear for some reason).

We pulled off the yucky pajamas and underwear and sandals and he was ok again. Grandma explained the hazards of duck ponds and he was very cautious after the incident. I don't think he wants to go back to feed the ducks anytime soon and I don't blame him.

Brave Boy!

Porter will be starting school this fall and needed to get his kindergarten 'Well Child Visit' exam. It was a full physical that included a blood sample, a urine sample, weight, measurement, and then shots. The doctor asked him a lot of questions and Porter was happy to answer them. He was having a great time of it for while. That is until they pricked his finger for the blood sample. He said, "That kinda hurt!" But he was glad it wasn't too bad. That is until I told him this wasn't the shots he had to get, but just a blood sample. I have been talking about the shots for about a week now and trying to get him ready for them. I told him they would probably hurt and they wouldn't be fun but they would help to keep him from getting sick while he was at school. Grandma Hurren was getting some shots for her upcoming trip to Guatemala so he went with her to see what all the fuss was about. She didn't cry so I think he figured it would be ok. The following picture was taken when we first got there and Porter was pretty excited to show me how tough he could be at the doctors!

When it was time for the shots Porter was very brave. He watched Davian (our awesome nurse) get the shots ready and found it pretty interesting. He was given the choice of having Davian and her helper give the shots at the same time or taking turns. Porter wanted them to take turns and since he had to get FIVE shots it was going to take a while.

To distract him, Davian asked Porter if he knew his ABC's and if he could sing them to her. He started singing and the shots started. He did so well! The first two shots he didn't even flinch!

Things started to go downhill at about "Q" in the Alphabet Song. This is when the third shot was administered and Porter didn't like that one at all. I guess it had to go in on an angle and Davian told us that those hurt a lot worse.

Until this moment Porter hadn't even whimpered. There was a slight pause in the song where he said, "Owwwww..." but he carried on and finished it up. One arm down, one to go. I think by the time the song was over he realized that this wasn't great and it actually did hurt a little. I asked him if he wanted to sing another song for the next arm but he said he would just like to hold me.

This is about when I started breaking down too. I think I felt worse for him than he did for himself. I was so darn proud of him for being so tough that I even got teary! Even though it was so hard for him, he didn't cry out once. His eyes got full of tears but he didn't make a peep!

When it was all over Porter bravely put on a smile and showed off his battle scars! He was so good and big and brave. I'm so proud of you Porter!!!

I told Porter he did such a good job that I was going to take him to get a special treat, just him and me. He said he would like ice-cream and then magically Davian came in with a coupon for their "Brave Patients" for a free ice-cream cone at SOS Drug here in Springville. Porter was pretty excited about that. We went out to the car and I asked Porter if he liked going to the doctor. He said that he did. I asked him what he thought of Davian (interested if his opinion had changed since the shots) and he said he thought she was really nice. So good job Davian (and thanks for the help with the pictures)!

All in all the visit was a success and I will feel much better sending him to school with all if his immunizations caught up. Oh and for all you moms out there, when your little boys is asked to pee in a cup and it starts filling up to the top and you calmly ask you little guy to stop and he doesn't so pretty soon you are yelling, "STOP! STOP!" because you are afraid that it will pour over the top and all over your hand and onto the floor in the doctors bathroom... well, let's just say that they can't stop mid-flow. Believe me, I know!

Luke's First Solids

I started Luke on solids the other day. I figured it would take him a while to get used to it but man was I wrong! He downed the first bite and didn't stop until two bowls later! My other boys took some coaxing to get them to eat a few bites but not Luke. He loved it. Here are a few pictures.

This is the before shot...
This is the first bite...
This is the 'after' shot...

May 12, 2008

My Newest Undertaking!

So Luke is at a stage in his life were all he wants to do is grab things and try to get them into his mouth. He gets really frustrated if he drops things and can't get them again. Since his hand-eye coordination has a lot left to be desired he is mad often. I have been trying to think of something that he would be able to hold on to easily to avoid all of the orneriness. I remembered seeing a cool little blanket somewhere before and thought it would be the perfect thing. It is a small blanket with tags coming out all along the seems. They are easy to grab on to and the more I thought about it, the more I was sure it would be perfect. This is my version of the tag blanket. He has been playing with it all afternoon and I am happy to say it was a success. An hour of work has created, (hopefully) hours of quiet play. If he hates it tomorrow at least it worked for a day, and I'll take what I can get.


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