May 27, 2008

Hobble Creek and Dirty Boys

For family home evening last week we decided to go up Hobble Creek Canyon for the evening. The river was really swollen so we didn't get to play in it but we did get to have a nice fire and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. The boys had a great time.

About a week ago we let the boys pick out a treat at the gas station for some reason. (I can't remember why right now.) Walker picked some bubble gum tape and decided he wanted to bring it with us up the canyon. As we were driving up we heard some loud noises coming from the back seat and when I turned around I realized it was Walker with about half the package of gum in his mouth. He couldn't close his mouth to chew it because he had so much stuffed in, and Walker isn't like most two year olds. That kid will chew a piece of gum all day and not swallow it. Anyway, when we got up the canyon I asked him to show me how much he had in his mouth. Here was his response....

I'm not sure what it is about boys and their sticks, but the first thing the boys did was go and find some "awesome" sticks to play with. These sticks played the following roles on our outing: Light Sabers, Swords, Walking sticks, stir sticks (for the fire) and sticks to hit your brother with. The last one didn't fly with mom and dad but they did have a great time of it.

While they were waiting for the fire to get going so we could cook the dinner Porter and Walker found a tree to climb. And they did it in sandals too! Tricky little beasts!

All in all it was a fun filled evening doing what boys like to do best. Throw sticks and rocks in water, climb trees, play with fire, and eat campfire food. I'm lobbying for our next FHE to be at the spa. Anyone think I'll win that fight? Sigh.... I didn't think so either. Oh, and if you were wondering where Luke was this entire time.... he was asleep in the van!

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