Nov 23, 2009

"Deck the Halls"

I put up my Christmas decorations the other day and I am in HEAVEN!

I can justify this early decorating because here in Canada we are well past Thanksgiving and Christmas is only 5 weeks away!!!

I haven't done a lick of shopping but my decorations are up!

(And a big thanks to Mike for putting up with my craziness.)

And now...

A few pictures of the trees and other decorations!

This is the tree in our bedroom. It will soon have a whole bunch of gorgeous peacock feathers and other fun filler!

If you look closely you can see moi, waving at you!
Hello you!

These are the two trees in my living room. They are the boys's favorites.

This is my favorite tree this year.
(It actually looked a lot better yesterday, before Luke tried to plug it in and knocked the entire thing over. Man, the balls went flying!)

And this is the tree in my family room. It's the original Hurren Christmas Tree.

And a few other pictures...

Merry Christmas!!!

Messy Luke

I usually spend about 1/2 hour every Monday morning catching up on blog posts that I've missed through the weekend. This morning was no exception. But I realized I may need to change my strategy when I found Luke like this in the kitchen.

He's covered in an entire bottle of diaper ointment. He pulled it out of his diaper bag. Now I just need to teach him how to change his own poopy bum!

Nov 21, 2009

New Moon

I loved New Moon. I love the books. They are fun and silly and I love them. But wanna know what I love more than the Twilight books? I love a good girl's night out. Heck, I love any girl's nights out. So I decided to combine the two and have a New Moon Girl's Night Out.


It was spectacular!

Lots of great women, lots of great food and one really cold night standing out in line for a great movie.

In my book? It was a recipe for success.

And successful it was!

A big thanks to Jana for the cake and a big thanks to Rochelle for the BEST soup I have ever tasted! Maybe I can get her to post it on her blog and I'll give you the link.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our fun night.

Nov 17, 2009

Good News

- Appointment with Urologist? Check!

- Blood drawn by a crazy lady that hates Utah because a hotel in the state wouldn't refund her money for a cancelled room? Check!

- Yelled at by Utah hater lady for not wearing a mask because I had 'flu-like' symptoms over a week ago? Check!

- 24 hour urine collection (which must be stored in the refrigerator)? Check!

- Thoroughly embarrassed for having to carry said collected urine around the hospital parking lot and then having to hold it like a pretty little purse until the lab called my number? Check!

Now I just have to wait for my bodily fluids to be analyzed (would NOT want that job!) and then I am on my way to Edmonton to have these dirty little (except not so little) stones blasted!

Yep, I got to choose Vancouver or Edmonton and since Mike's never been to Edmonton we decided to go there.

It doesn't hurt that one can also find the biggest mall in North America in the city.

Do I sense a little Christmas shopping mixed in with the shock wave lithotripsy?

Me thinks so!

(Oh, and that's the good news!)

And in case you've never heard of it...

Here are a few pictures of the mall in Edmonton.


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