Dec 10, 2010

More Christmas...

I made an advent calendar a few years ago but it needed some TLC to be able to function for us this year. After a little attention...

She's finished!

And I love her! I got this idea from my sister, Kara (pretty much copied her exactly) and I've seen it around blogland a few times before so I can't take the credit, but it's fun and whimsical and I'm in love!

This past week all the ladies got together and made some hand-dipped chocolates. Again, I can't take too much credit. The first day I didn't show up until about half-way into the day due to a horrible cold and then the second day I didn't show up at all!!!

But the girls were awesome and gave me a bucket full anyway. I put them in these adorable little Martha Stewart boxes to give to coaches, teachers and neighbors.

Thanks Ladies!

Merry Christmas to All!

Here are some photos of our house decorated for Christmas!

Tonight we wrapped all the family gifts and the bottoms of the trees are full of gifts!

The boys are getting excited and I'll admit... so am I!!!

*** I'm linking up to the Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes. Click on the link below to check out some amazing ideas for decorating your home for Christmas!

The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes

Joulu and Pukki

A couple of months ago we lost our sweet dog Katie to a car accident. It was a very sad day. It was wierd not having an animal around the house so we decided to get a cat. But then when we went to pick up the cat, we couldn't decided between two... so we got them both!

Meet Joulu and Pukki (pronounced Yola and Pokey).

We've been learning a few Finnish words from Emilia and when she taught us how to say Santa Claus (Joulupukki) we knew it would be perfect for the cats' names.

Porter picked Pukki...

And Walker picked Joulu...

Sadly, the excitement didn't last too long. :(

Just a couple of weeks ago, both cats went missing. We had let them outside for a while when it was about -30*. Usually they go out for a bit then wait by the door for us to let them back in. Well the next morning I realized that I hadn't heard any ornaments hitting the ground during the night (so far they've knocked over an entire tree and one of my nativities).

I started looking around and couldn't find them anywhere. I thought maybe I had left them outside all night but they weren't by the door. So then I figured they must have found a warm place to stay for the night and they'd be back soon.

About 10 minutes later I got a call from my brother, who lives a few miles away, and he told me that he had one of my cats at his house. He had been at our house the night before and I'm pretty sure both the cats climbed up underneath his truck and hitched a ride to his place! Unfortunately Pukki was the only one at his house. We have yet to find Joulu... I'm afraid he's not coming back, but we can still hope!

So by now I'm pretty sure Emilia must think we are the worst pet owners in the world since we've lost two since she's been here!

We'll try to do better.

Festival of Trees

A couple of weeks ago all the ladies took a day off and went to the Festival of Trees Luncheon in Prince George. The food was great, the trees were beautiful and the company could not have been better!

Here are a few pictures of the day...

This first one was one of my very favorites because it was so unique!

This was another favorite of mine. I loved all the colors on the start white!

Emilia even skipped classes to come with us. :)

It was a really great day and I hope we can do it again next year.

Nov 4, 2010

It's About That Time

Since I can't really hide it anymore (and haven't really been able to for a few weeks now) I suppose it's time to let the cat out of the bag...

We are so excited to welcome boy #4 to the family, due April Fool's Day, 2011!!!

*this image is one I found on-line, it's not our ultrasound picture but it saved me the work of scanning and then posting mine. :)

Nov 2, 2010

This One's For You, Korlyn

Halloween was great again this year.

We had a Mexican Luchadore...

A scary vampire...

And a zombie duck (which is obviously way cooler than a regular duck)!

My nephew, Nolan, made a very handsome sailor.

And I think my nephew, McKay, may have had the best costume of the night. But I will say, he makes a homely baby girl. :)

My nephew Coleson was a great mad scientist...

And my second favorite costume of the night was my other nephew Caleb. He came up with this costume all on his own and was a little minion from the cartoon Despicable Me. If you haven't seen it you really should.

And let us not forget yet another nephew... Gavyn... aka Superman!

Haha! Look at that face!

Sep 28, 2010


My beautiful niece Landry made her LONG awaited entrance into the world last week. She's been prayed for and hoped for for about 7 years now and we're so glad she's finally here.

Enjoy the pictures!


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