Dec 10, 2010

More Christmas...

I made an advent calendar a few years ago but it needed some TLC to be able to function for us this year. After a little attention...

She's finished!

And I love her! I got this idea from my sister, Kara (pretty much copied her exactly) and I've seen it around blogland a few times before so I can't take the credit, but it's fun and whimsical and I'm in love!

This past week all the ladies got together and made some hand-dipped chocolates. Again, I can't take too much credit. The first day I didn't show up until about half-way into the day due to a horrible cold and then the second day I didn't show up at all!!!

But the girls were awesome and gave me a bucket full anyway. I put them in these adorable little Martha Stewart boxes to give to coaches, teachers and neighbors.

Thanks Ladies!

1 comment:

Lauri said...

Fun post! Love your house and projects. Cats ARE scittish things and the secret stories they could tell if only they could.

Congrats on a coming baby boy. Lucky him, lucky you.


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