Aug 3, 2008

Canada is Hard Work!

I took this video last week. I was getting dinner ready after a busy day of playing for the boys. We got some things done around the house then went out to my sister Jana's house. The boys love it there because they get to play on her playground equipment and pick raspberries and wrap them in lettuce (their new favorite thing to eat. They came up with it, not me!). They also play Star Wars with their cousins, dress up in costumes, play with Stella and Oscar and, most fun of all, run around with each other just having a great time!

Anyway, after a hard day of doing all of the above we came home and while I got dinner ready Walker sat at the table trying his hardest to stay awake. His head was bobbing and his eyes were sagging. It was kinda mean of me to just stand there and get it on camera but I thought it was pretty cute! The very next night the same thing happened but I didn't have my camera near-by so I wasn't able to catch that one.

I guess maybe they are going to have to get used to this play all day and into the night thing since it stays light here until about ten o'clock. Hopefully we can squeeze some naps in now and then because this is just sad!


Amy said...

oh my goodness! So cute and funny!

Anna said...

poor kid. but i'll admit that was pretty funny. i also love the nacho libro story on the side bar. kids are the best. oh and i also love the new blog layout! how did you get the cool header at the top? do you have to have a special program for that? well, it's marvelous. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Karli! Walker is too adorable. I also saw the video of Luke crawling on Mike's blog - he's growing up way too fast! Your children are BEAUTIFUL!! :)

Love ya!

Kara said...

I think that is the most tranquil I have ever seen him! Good work.

Jyl said...

Hahah, my kids watched Walker's video with me, and at the end they said... "WHAT A CUTE LITTLE KID!" and he is! how adorable!

Kelli said...

What a cutie!!!


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