Sep 6, 2008

C.B.A. Anonymous

Friday night's A.A. C.B.A. Meeting went something like this:

me: "Hi, I'm Karli and I'm a Cluster Blogger."
them: "Hi Karli!"

Edited to Add:

clus·ter blog·ger noun\ˈkləs-tər\ \ˈblgər, ˈblägər\
Middle English, from Old English clyster; akin to Old English clott clot; short for Weblogger
an extremely lazy person, inclined to ignore blogging for days on end, then think she can make up for it by posting several blogs at once.


Kelli said...

What is a cluster blogger? That is hilarious! And I love all your photoshopping! Great job! You have to tell me what effects you use, they look amazing!!

Sarah said...

You're still alive!

I'd love to know how to photoshop stuff. Then I could make my skin not so rosacea-ish and I could make my double chin look not so big!

Virginia said...

haha, I love your C.B.A. Anonymous post. I just created my own blog and then left it absent for 2 days only to have my husband yell at me to post again =)!
I know how ya feel!

Anna said...

So fun to catch up your doings! Porter looks great at kindergarten. And I wouldn't expect anything less than him teaching his teacher how to rock! Awesome. As for your Labor Day lessons, my husband has learned to take all of my over-confident assurances with a grain of salt!


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