Feb 6, 2009

Cake Decorating 101

My super cool sister Jana taught a cake decorating class the other night to a great bunch of ladies. I, of course, forgot my camera and didn't get a chance to take photos of everyone's cakes.

Jana taught us the basics of cake decorating, how to cook a really full cake, level it off to make it even, crumb coat, and a ton of cool little tips to make your cake look great. She is very talented in the cake department!

Anyway, after I got home I pulled out the camera and got a picture of the cake I made. And here, in all her glory.......... my cake!

(And a special thank you to Sis.Whidden for letting me use about a third of her black food coloring to try to get my frosting black. I owe her one!)


Jyl said...

I am so proud of you! It look awesome! What cant you do? Sheesh! I love it

Lauri said...

Cool cake. You're so talented, and so generous with them too (the talents, not the cake). We (the Ladies-Night-Out clan) are doing your bookmarks in March. We considered flying you down for it, but you blogged it so well we think we can do it without your personage actually being here. But we did mourn you gone - again and still. I miss you. So glad for your blog. Keep it up!

Teija said...

Looks like you are on your way to cake decorating yourself. It turned out beautiful!

Sarah said...

The question is... What kind of cake is it?!

Karli said...

Sarah, it's chocolate of course! There is nothing better, (in my opinion) than chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting! I LOVE IT!!!


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