Feb 10, 2009

I am really enjoying my Tuesday's these days. It's a special day for me and Walker because Porter is in school and we get to have some fun Mommy/Walker time. Today I needed to clean out the fridge so Walker got out his HULK coloring book and colored while I scrubbed away. We had some interesting conversation. It went something like this,

Me: "Walker, I sure love you. You are getting so big now. You are getting taller, and you help your little brother more and more and you are learning to share and help me out a lot. I really love that and I really love you."

Walker: "Well, you know who I love more than anyone else in the whole world?"

Me: "Who?"

Walker: "Flash! He can run so fast and save me all the time. He's my best friend."

Me: "Oh. Well, that sounds pretty cool."

I was kinda expecting him to say he loved me the most of all. Oh well. Flash is pretty cool too. Then right after talking about Flash he said this,

Walker: "Mom, did you now that guys in jail wear diapers?"

Me: "Really? Where did you hear that?"

Walker: "Uncle Jesse told me right before we moved into this house. And he's right you know."

I'm pretty sure Uncle Jesse didn't tell him that but Walker loves his Uncle Jesse so much that I'm pretty sure he would believe anything he told him.


Kara said...

Actually I think they should wear diapers in jail, I am going to suggest that to our congressman. thanks for the tip Walker! Miss that little mischievious boy...but not when he is with Gage

Kobe Family said...

That is hilarious! I love what they come up with. Morgan just recently told me that she loves me when I'm a nice mom, but not so much when I'm the mean mom!


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