Feb 25, 2009

My son Porter likes his LEGO's. That kid can build and build and build. In fact, today I kicked him out of his LEGO 'fort' because I wanted to do some painting in there. People I am not kidding when I tell you we almost had a melt down!

The other day he brought me one of his latest LEGO creations. I was impressed. The kid just turned 5 and I think he did a great job!


Arah Debra said...

What a little smarty pants!

Amy said...

wow! I'm impressed!

Erich said...

Legos are the best!!! I totally grew up addicted to them. I guess I'm still kind of addicted to them...lol. Every Christmas I buy a bunch and say they're for my kids! lol.

Here's a little treat for Porter:


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