Feb 17, 2009

Just Waitin' on Spring

No, it's not spring time here in Vanderhoof yet. These are the flowers Mike got me for Valentine's Day. In the past I've always gotten roses, and I love roses, but these pink tulips were beautiful and had special meaning. These were the same flowers we had at our wedding and Mike remembered that! I was impressed. And while I love roses, pink tulips are my favorite. Thanks Mike!

Plus Mike gets extra bonus points because he got me this too:
edited to add - He got me the dress. Not the model or the park bench or the lake. The dress people, the dress.
Yeah, my husband is just that great. Really.


Jana Jensen said...

What? you got a model to come over and clean your house, wipe dirty noses and do your laundry? I wouldn't have thought about asking for that for Valentines day, maybe next year. While she's over ask to try on that dress she's wearing, it would look good on you.

Amy said...

cute dress! where did he get it?

Lauri said...

Are you gonna blog YOU wearing that pretty dress? Nice tulip photography.

Kobe Family said...

So you're saying you got the dress, and Mike got the model? Somehow that just doesn't seem fair! You would look cute in that!

Trish said...

I Love the dress, what a great hubby! You must be a pretty nice wifey. lol Your tulip photos are beautiful. I think I might need to run out and buy my self some and practice my photo skills :o)


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