Feb 27, 2009

Man Cheats on Wife Using Digg

This blog war has been crazy and fun and did I mention crazy? It all started with Mike thinking he could get as many people to visit his blog as I had visiting my blog. Since he is an Internet Guru of sorts and I am a stay at home mom that rarely sees the light of day I really never believed I would be in the running. He has many, many tricks up his sleeve such as posting smart and cool stuff on digg and I only know a few things. I know that when stay at home moms bond together they can do anything!

I never dreamed it would get this huge! I have had so much support from my wonderful family, friends and so many strangers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Considering how Mike started this whole war off by changing by URL so that when my blog address was typed in it took you to his site. Cheater!!! He took it down right away though, cause he's nice like that! We have one day left in this little war of ours and I am trying to make a final push to win. Please help me out. Do what you can. Post on your Facebook, send out some e-mails, do what you can and help me win!!!


Laura said...

I'm on your side cheering you all the way!!! Good luck and let us know the outcome!

You two have so much fun together!

Rochelle said...

Hmm... my husband is known for cheating also. HMMMM

Anonymous said...

Hope you win!! Go Karli Go!!


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