Mar 20, 2009

Lesson Learned : Don't Mess With Exercisin' Mamma's!

Last Tuesday night (St. Patrick's Day, if you couldn't tell by all the green in the photos below), the Young Women from our church challenged the 'older' women (anyone over 18 yrs. old) to a basketball.

Uh... girls.... I don't think you realize what you are asking here. I mean, you want a bunch of middle-aged, cabin fevered, child rearing women to get out on the court and try to act like civilized human beings while getting some exercise?!?

We, of course, accepted said challenge.

After all, every mom, wife, aunt and grandma, (yes, some playing were grandmothers, although you would never be able to guess which ones) needs an excuse to get out of the house sometime.

Well, the challenge was met, the game played and all with only a few bumps and bruises to show for it. Good times!

And not that I was really paying attention but...

The 'Oldies' schooled the 'Young'ns'

Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!?

The 'Oldies'...

Um, yeah, I know it's hard to believe but many of these ladies are moms to multiple children and some are even grandmas! Bunch of hotties huh!?!

The 'Young'ns'

Ok, I should mention here that these young ladies played really well. Many of them were only 12 years old and playing against retired 'Viqueens' (hahaha, does that actually mean anything?). They did great!

And just a cute picture of two of my favorite people!
Mindy and Tiff

Oh, and a big shout out to Tiff who had GREAT team spirit and thought to bring some face paint and give us all a little somin' somin', you know, to intimidate the competition! :)

And one last shout out to our ref. Thanks Austin. You did a great job. Way to keep things fun and not too competitive. No one got hurt and we all had a great time, even if you did call a technical foul on me that was SO undeserved! Seriously people, VERY undeserved! :)


Christal said...
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Christal said...

How fun! Love that Renetta is in there we love their family they come visit my parents quite a bit over the years! I just happened across your blog through one on mine funny thing is I used to live in Vanderhoof I'm related to a few people there and am cousins to evan and renetta my mom and evan are first cousins anyway. They all stayed at my parents for the wedding. Anyway just wanted to say what a fun blog you have and introduce myself! ttys

Kara said...

Of course being a viqueen meant something...great meals thanks to Harshy!


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