Mar 25, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I just heard about this and I am so very excited!!

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is one of our boys' very favorite books and they've gone and made a movie out of it! A full-length film!!!

Yay!!! My boys are gonna be stoked!

It's supposed to be released in October of this year. That's gonna be a long 7+ months!

My favorite part is at the end when they, "Roar their terrible roars, and gnash their terrible teeth, and roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible claws!"

So tell me... what do you think of the trailer? I think it looks absolutely fabulous!!!


Kobe Family said...

I have mixed feelings about this one...I loved this book and obviously there isn't enough of a story line from the book to make a full length movie so they are going to have to add alot to the script to flesh it out. Could be good..I hope so! Thanks for letting us know. I'll have to tell Derek. He loved this book too!

Arah Debra said...

I'm so excited about this. That was my favorite book growing up and Gavin loves it. I hope it doesn't let us down.


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