Mar 10, 2009


Warm Spring Day, Warm Spring Day;
Wherefore art thou Warm Spring Day?

Deny thy coldness and refuse thy snow!

Or, if thou wilt please bring forth something green;
I will no longer complain of my frozen toes!

Ok, that was a really poor play on Romeo and Juliet but still... what do you expect? We woke up to freezing butt cold weather again this morning!

That's right, the temp say -25* C, (that's about -13*F for those of you south of the border). And I took this picture after it had already warmed up 10 degrees! Come on.... -35*C, (-31*F) in the middle of March?!?! This cabin fever thing is gettin' serious here people!


Amy said...

Sorry, Karli! But, wasn't it your idea to move back to Canada?

Kara said...

Makes me glad that part of the 70 billion dollar stimulus package will go to fight global warming! Imagine if there wasn't any global warming....Thank you Al Gore!

Arah Debra said...

I'm so ready for spring too. I love spring and I feel like the longer this cold weather lasts the shorter spring is going to be.

Blue Castle said...

I'm right with ya - It's -11 here with a foot of snow. Yikes. :)

Rubie Purcell Arnold said...

I read you Karli, this freezing weather is getting "OLD". Bring the spring on.

Marissa said...

For so many years I thought that it was normal to have so long cold winters. But I also thought you were normal all those years too. Until brush cutting that is. Can't complain about Spokane winter at all. Miss you guys.



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