Mar 17, 2009

Chet and Angela

A while back I took some photos of my cousin Chet and his beautiful bride Angela. It's taken me a while but I finally finished editing them and wanted to share a few of the finished photos with you.

Oh, and it was about -30*C the morning we took these photos and Chet and Angela were real troopers! A few fingers may have frozen during the shoot but we managed! :)

This is the same photo as the one above, just using a different Photoshop action.
This was Angela's idea. I thought it was funny and a 'vintage' action in Photoshop added just the right touch!

Th obligatory 'under the veil' shot.

And of course, the beautiful bride!

Congratulations Chet and Angela, and thanks for letting me a part of this special time in your lives!


Jana Jensen said...

They look good, your hard work paid off. Keep up the good work.

Lynn said...


Anna said...

good job karli! you amaze me.

Anna said...

Sigh! Beautiful pics Karli! Come down and shoot my kids for me. Or teach me how to use photoshop. Or just come down and visit already!

Dana said...

wow, Karli, these are amazing!! you are so talented!!

Jyl said...

Great job Karli.... you are amazing!

Jody said...

You are multi talented that is for sure. Im not sure if I even know one thing you can't do girl. Fun blog too. My sister talked me into blogging so I would link to her adoption blog. She is trying to adopt again. So I consented but Im just trying to use it to journal Rigdon's little life. I have to say it has been very addictive. I would love for you to see it but I need your email address. Email me when you get a chance at my blog address is Love ya ~ Jody


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