Mar 21, 2009

Homemade Cards

For our Ladies Craft Day this past Wednesday we had so much fun making corner bookmarks and cards. Since I had made enough bookmarks to last a lifetime I went with the cards.

Here are how mine turned out...

(The inside of the above card is sportin' this little lady. Isn't she a cutie?)

(The inside of the above card...)

(The above card has this little lady and her cute hat on the inside.)

Looking back I realize I must have been in a blue and green mood. Not sure what that means...

Ok, just Googled it and apparently blue means tranquil and calm, and green means calming and refreshing. Makes sense since these were made while hanging with my girls!

Thanks for another great Wednesday ladies!


Christal said...

Love the cards so cute! We just painted our basement a color that is light sage green hoping for the calm and refreshing! You have the cutest blog!

TL said...

so cute, I love them. I'm gonna have to return to your blog when make cards again.

Amy said...

very cute cards! I think you were in a blue & green mood because you are aching for blue skies and the green of spring! just a guess, though!

Cherylyn said...

It always means much more to me when I get a card that has been hand-made. It's like getting a gift that's been homemade just for you. That said, I am horrible about sending cards, and even worse at making them. Great job Karli :)


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