May 30, 2009

Cheslatta Falls - take 2

Last fall we set out to see Cheslatta Falls. The excitement was palpable and it was a great let down when we didn't end up finding it! Low gas and the fact that the closer we got the fewer signs there were and we just plain old missed it! You can read all about that adventure {here}.

We gave it a second try on Memorial Day and it was a success! (Mostly thanks to Mike's forethought in getting directions and filling the gas tank. Turns out we were about 5 km from the turn off last time!)

Anyway, here are a few photos of the day. Good times.

On the drive out we saw this tiny bear. He was the size of a large cat. He was sitting on the side of the road and when we got close he climbed the tree but this is as high as he could get. After a minute of trying to climb higher he came back down and ran away through the underbrush. I thought about getting closer to get a better picture but the thought of his angry momma in the brush brought reason to my mind and I stayed put in the car!

We actually saw three bears, a moose a grouse and lot's and lot's of birds. The bears are out everywhere up here right now.

Porter invited Bridger to come along with us. They thought they were quite the posers!

We hiked up the trail to get a better look at the top of the falls.

The trail was pretty narrow and a very steep drop into the falls so Mike went first and kept the boys well away from the edge. Jana, you've succeeded in making sure that Bridger is terrified of water. He stayed WELL away and would only continue if he was holding Mike's hand! Notice the white knuckle grip to Mike's hand and to the sapling! :)

After we hiked the trail we went back down by the bridge so the boys could throw rocks in the water. Every boys dream right?

I tried to take some nicer photos to be blown up so I could replace some outdated ones in the house.

Walker's needs some work :)

There was so much water running, it was crazy. And all Mike could think of was, "What route would I take in my kayak?" Crazy!

It was a great Memorial Day and especially nice because while it's not celebrated in Canada, Mike still works for a US based company so we got a day off while everyone else was working!


Lynn said...

Nice!!!.....that you get to take off the US holidays too. Fun!!!

Those falls are gorgeous!

Amy said...

looks like a beautiful area! how fun!

Sarah said...

Love the bear!! Beautiful area, I'm jealous!!

Marissa said...

That's such a pretty hike! We did it in the winter last time...I think summer would be better...

Jyl said...

Thats gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Launi said...

What a beautiful place you live in--and what a lovely family you have. Thanks for sharing these pretty pics.

flyfishingak said...

That looks like a fun weekend and an awesome river to float.. Tell Mike to bust out his Kayak and get to paddling!!!


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