Jun 14, 2009


My little brother Korlyn graduated high school this weekend. Have I ever mentioned how much this guy ROCKS?!?!

His Grad date, Dayla, is pretty skookum herself!

Because she knows how to have fun!

And she wears shoes like these with a formal...

Congratulations Korlyn! I think you are such an amazing little brother and I am just sooooo proud of you!

And you should consider yourself extra special 'cause this is my 200th post and it's all about YOU!


Kara said...

YAY Korlyn! The last of 9 to graduate! Way to go! Good pics Karli!

Lynn said...

Cute photos!!!

Kelli said...

I love the pink converse! What a cute girl! And congrats to your little brother. I love the jumping pictures :)

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Good Job on your picture taking. I love the picture with the pink shoes.

Anna said...

Those Gulbranson boys are way too handsome for their own good! Great pics Karli. Love the pink hightops with the formal. Sounds like a girl I would like to get to know!


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