May 19, 2009

Wow! Now That's Talent!

Loved this video too! If you've ever played harmonica you'll realize just how amazing this guy is. Just be sure to watch it till the end!


Fox Family said...

pretty cool from otis

Lynn said...


Sorry...didn't mean to yell....I am just SO excited! The Lord Truly works in mysterious ways....

Let me explain....

Our home teacher, who is now terminally ill, sent us this video clip several months ago. He came over the other day and asked if I still had this clip. He lost everything on his computer when it crashed a couple of months ago.

Sadly, I think I deleted it. I have been searching and searching for it everyday since he asked for it again. IT calms his soul. He and his wife, who also have failing health are forced to now move to a home and he wants as many of these great clips that he's collected over the years back on his computer to take with him.. It's so sad to see him now....his hands shake really badly and he can no longer type to me or anyone by e-mail. But he is able to take a pen or pencil and click "play" on clips people send to him.

One video clip he REALLY REALLY wanted was this one....and I was getting SO frustrated cause I couldn't find it!

And here YOU Have it today on your blog!!! YAY!

I could kiss you!!! You have made me SO happy and more importantly....a very sick, elderly man VERY happy.

Thank you!


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