Oct 2, 2008

A World of Fog and Dew

I took the boys down to the river the other morning so Mike could get some much needed rest. He has been working a ton of hours lately and he needed to sleep in past 7 a.m. for once!

We wanted to go to the river because there have been a ton of Canadian geese there every morning. The fog has been amazing and the mornings have been beautiful. This particular morning there were a few geese and the boys decided to chase them. I took video of it and silently laughed at the hilarity that ensued but I didn't get any photos. Sorry. I did, however, get some great shots of some of the spiderwebs that were EVERYWHERE!

The morning dew on them looked amazing. I thought it strange how something we usually despise could turn into something so beautiful. We had a great time and ended the morning on a great note with donuts at Woody's Bakery! Best bakery ever!!!


Mike Hurren said...

Thanks for the sleep in time! It was awesome.

Auntie Anna said...

Love the Tilley hats! Those pictures are gorgeous. Does your little camera also take video clips? I think it's wonderful how you're spending time with your boys like you do. My kids are just a little older than yours now, and I find myself wishing I had done more spontaneous things like that with them when they were little. So I'm resolved to do more of that now! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kobe Family said...

I love your spider web pictures! You are a great photographer!

Tiff said...

Look at you go miss artsy-fartsy...you take some great pictures! I love it!


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