Oct 29, 2008


Gettysburg was awesome! It was beautiful, reverent, and inspiring. To learn more about what happened in Gettysburg follow this link.

The black-eyed susans were everywhere.

This was 'downtown' Gettysburg. It was a nice town and had a beautiful college campus (which I later found out is a Liberal Arts collage). We did a little shopping in town and there were some super cool little antiques shops.

This is a graveyard in Gettysburg. It's filled with victims of the Civil War. It's a humbling feeling to stand and see all these headstones, knowing that these men (and boys) died fighting for freedom for all.

Driving around parts of Gettysburg make you feel like it's still1863 and people are just living their lives farming and doing what it takes to make a life for themselves. I can't imagine what it would have been like during the Battle of Gettysburg. The destruction must have been horrendous and devastating, but I am eternally grateful and respectful of those that fought and died in the farmer's fields at Gettysburg.

This is the Battle of Gettysburg Museum. It was wonderful. They had literally walls of guns and buttons and other artifacts that have been discovered in fields all around the town. People are still discovering artifacts today! The building was beautiful.

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Jyl said...

Wow, are your a professional photographer? I am like you and love attention to details, I LOVE THE RED BRICK wall you got a shot of! what a beautiful historical adventure!


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