Oct 29, 2008

Pennsylvania Random

Here are some random pictures of our time in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

This is my sister Jana lovingly caressing our newest friend, Betsy. Here's to Betsy!!! The little lady that stuck with us through it all, leading the way like a little beacon on a hill. Without her help I'm afraid we would have ended up in New Jersey on a couple of occasions and possibly even spent some time in Delaware! Thank you Betsy. You will be missed!

We ate so well the entire trip! It was quite nice knowing we could go anywhere to eat, not having to worry about whether or not they had kid menu's or whether or not they would feel the need to charge you and extra gratuity charge because of the inevitable mess little boys can make! Below is a picture of my sister's Kara and Jana at The Melting Pot. This was a really fun fondue restaurant. We got a big pot of cheese and artichoke fondue, (cooked right at our table), for an appetizer, a yummy broth to cook our entree (steak, shrimp, pork, chicken etc...), and yummy milk chocolate with walnuts to dip our desserts in (brownies, marshmallows, fresh fruit etc...). It was a fun and unique experience.

We visited a fun little town right outside of Valley Forge (where our hotel was). The town was Skippack and it had lots of neat little shops all over, but the best part of Skippack was that it had the most beautiful mums everywhere!

These were berries that had grown over a bench outside a little shop in Skippack. I thought the colors were beautiful!

I was really looking forward to seeing some of the Amish communities that are so popular all over Pennsylvania. Unfortunately we just ran out of time to do all the things we wanted to. I did however get to see a little Amish horse and buggy parked next to a Penske moving truck. I thought this would make a humorous picture. The best part was that this was parked just outside of a Target superstore and the owners of the buggy were shopping in the Target! Wait a minute.... I thought that was a BIG no no! No? I also saw an Amish farmer working away in his yard with a leaf blower, an Amish farmhouse with a light on (definitely electricity), and a young Amish man and woman walking together!!! Again... isn't that a HUGE no no? Hmmm, maybe this whole Amish thing isn't what I thought it was. I'm contemplating contacting Dateline to see if they'll do an expose on the matter. I am, of course, willing to donate any photos and/or testimony I have. In the name of truth, of course!


Kara said...

Great pics, however, who the H is Martha? I thought it was Betsy after Betsy Ross! Fun trip, let's go on another!

Karli said...

Aack! You're right! I'll fix that promptly! For some reason I was thinking Martha Washington!

Kobe Family said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It is fun to have sisters you are close to, isn't it!

Anna said...

i LOVE your photography! you really captured some great memories. i went to pennsylvania last summer and really enjoyed it. the countryside was fantastic. gettysburg was great, and i wish i could've captured some of the shots you did while i was there!

Amy said...

Can you guys adopt me? I want to go on one of your vacations next time!

Anna said...

Beautiful pics, interesting commentary...wonderful trip! I want your camera.

Jyl said...


Albertson Family said...

Sounds like you had a blast! In Ohio I was able to serve in an amish community, and the way we were told was that the amish can shop at the stores but they had to ride their buggy to it. We actually saw Amish driving cars....yeah isn't that illegal...no only if they don't own them!!!??? You should have went inside and took a picture of them....they hate that! That would have been funny! I have some though, we would stand in front of them (quite a ways in front) and they would be in the back ground---the person with the camera would zoom in on them and then take a picture! Fooled them every time:)


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