Oct 15, 2008


Well shoot! I had every intention of posting all kinds of stuff about our trip to Pennsylvania but sadly, it will have to wait. 'Why is that', you ask... Because instead of spending countless hours blogging I am working on things like this...

Isn't she adorable?!? Upon the Shelf (my sister's home decor store), is having a fun Witch-A-Palooza night this Friday and we each got to make a witch for the event! This is my version. I love the snooty look she has, like she is so much better than everyone else! I will admit, however, that my favorite part of her is her robust, ample, sagging bosom. I just wasn't sure those old nursing bras were ever going to come in handy again! Sure glad I held on to one :)

Some other things I'm going to have to get done before the Pennsylvania posts are available...

1) 5 Costumes: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Flying Monkey and a Munchkin.
2) A witches cape for Witch-A-Palooza night
3) Plan a lesson for the class I am supposed to give on blogging tomorrow night!
4) Design a new website for Upon the Shelf
5) Make 1/2 dozen puppets for Porter's kindergarten class (Jana's helping! Yay!)

I could go on! Oh well, I love being busy and right now all the busyness is fun stuff so I think I can hack it! Just don't get your hopes up too much about hearing all about Pennsylvania!


Anonymous said...

Well Karli I must say that the few times I've peeked at you blog I have been inspired to start one as well! Then...I just saw that you were doing a course on it! You are one busy lady!!! Some day you'll have to give me a few pointers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just realized that you might not know who posted that comment as it just says Giesbrecht! Anyways, It was Kacy

Jyl said...

soo cute!

Arah Debra said...

e you making those costumes? You must be very crafty. I haven't even decided what Steve and I are going to be yet.


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