Dec 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today was Luke's birthday!!! My baby is ONE!!! We celebrated with the entire family on Sunday so that we could have a joint party with his cousin Gavyn, who turned one just three days ago.

The boys were a little confused when we all sang to them. I guess 10 cousins and 12 adults can do that to a one year old!

As per tradition the boys each got their own cake to do what they wished with. Luke wished to demolish his. Heartily.

And the kid couldn't leave the whipped cream alone. He bawled when we took it away. So I may, or may not, have given him a whipped cream yarmulke.

This was Gavyn's present but Luke was thoughtful and helped him open it.

And once again, I was out of birthday wrapping paper. No Christmas paper for Birthday gifts in this house so I made my own again! LOVE IT!

We are so blessed to have Luke in our family. The kids a little spit fire of red headed attitude but we love him anyway :) If he's angry he'll let you know it but if he's happy he'll let you know too. He likes to snuggle by leaning his head on yours and he thinks his brothers are pretty cool. He likes to mimic them and we just love having him around. We love you Luke!

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