Mar 1, 2010

Sweet Grass Mill is..... Well, Sweet!

I just got the best treat ever in the mail today!

Check out this adorable headband!!!

I am in love! I got it in the mail this morning and haven't taken it off yet. I find it incredibly adorable. I am loving the peacock feathers and the whimsy that they offer. The headband is really well made... very sturdy and simply gorgeous.

Want something similar for yourself? Check out the very talented Jade over at her Etsy shop, Sweet Grass Mill.

Just click the link here and enjoy!


Josef Mengele said...

Am I liking the headband?
Am I loving the headband?
It's delicious, just like your blog posts, thanks so much for being wonderful! Keep on doing what you do and I'll keep reading :)
Hey, feel free to stop by my page, I'd love to say hi sometime

Lynn said...


Thanks for the link!

Lauri said...

Yeppers, I like that. And the gal is purdy too.

tiffany thorne said...

OH wow can i tell u that i AM in LOVE!!!! hehehe oh wow! yeah definatly am! Georgeous!

LadyBirdBerson said...

Jade made my cocktail hat/ veil for my wedding, and I concurr, she is amazing!!! The headband looks great against your dark hair. Enjoy!


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