Mar 4, 2010

Grab A Tissue...

(photo courtesty of

There is a photography blog that I am in love with.

This couple is amazing and gives me such inspriation with all their photographs.

I checked their blog out this morning and couldn't stop reading.

I dare you to read it...

And not shed a tear.

I was most touched with the way the Haitians celebrate life when someone passes on.

I'm not sure I could give immediate thanks for the time spent with loved ones instead of feel grief and questioning... and even anger when they passed on.

Thanks so much for the photos Justin.

And for the time you spent down in Haiti helping and serving our Heavenly Father's children.


TL said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

wow. Hard to find the words.

Thank you.

La La Land said...

Karli, I know her!

Karli said...

Laura, I'm sooo jealous!!! :)


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