Jan 1, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a great time here in the Hurren home.

Santa came and spoiled us all!!!

The boys loved their new jammies.

Luke pretty much found the gum that Santa left in his stocking and didn't care about anything else for the rest of the day.

See, more gum.

He did like the legos he got.

And Walker loved the Batman figurine that Porter got for him.

Then Luke unwrapped more gum.

Walker loved his Green Lantern costume that Grandma Hurren made him.

And then Luke found more gum.

Porter and Walker tore into their stockings.

And Luke decided his new bouncy elephant was pretty cool.
(This picture was taken before he discovered the gum.)

My mom finally got that Barbie doll she always wanted.

And McKay got a chicken. Yes, a chicken. Do you know any 13 year olds that would be stoked to get a chicken for Christmas? I do. His name is McKay.

The boys looked smashing in their new Sunday clothes that they got from Grandma Hurren.
Thanks Grandma Hurren!!!

It was a wonderful Christmas and we feel truly blessed!


Sarah said...

I love those pajamas! What a bunch of cuties, and that sock monkey hat is to die for!!

Lynn said...

Cute little men in suits!!!!! Totally.

And.......a chicken for a pet??? That is SO cool! Will he get eggs for breakfast each morning too?

P.S. Glad to hear the trip to Edmonton was so successful!


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