Dec 24, 2009

The Reason

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday time with family and friends. I am reminded this time each year how very blessed I am in my life with my family, friends, home and surroundings. I need to remember to take a little more time and acknowledge where all these blessing come from. So please take a moment and enjoy a few of my favorite Nativity Scene paintings.

I love this one because Joseph looks so proud and gentle.

I love how Joseph is leaning over them in such a protective way. And I love that his sleeves are rolled up like he just finished a big job.

I love how baby Jesus is glowing and how the shepherds are in awe.

I LOVE Mary's expression here and I love how young they are. They look like nervous and yet very excited new parents. Just how most parents look with their first little one.

I love that Mary looks like she is just plain pooped. She looks tired and a little beat-up, like most mother do after hours of labour. But look at her face and the way she is looking at Joesph. I see so much love and peace. And Joseph just looks so proud. But my favorite thing about this painting (except it's not a painting I now realize, it's a photo from a movie. Oops.) is how it just seems like they are having such a private moment here. No shepherds yet, no wisemen, just a young mom, dad and their new little baby. What a beautiful family.

Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Don't forget!!! :)



Lynn said...

Oh Karli!! That was SO beautiful!! I will never look at these paintings the same way again. Loved that you shared your own thoughts about each.

Thank you.


Lynn said...

P.S. I hope you are feeling MUCH better. ; D

Cherylyn said...

I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing them :)


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