Jan 12, 2010

i ♥ faces - "Best Face Photo"

I've got three awesome little boys. They keep me on my toes and laughing all the time, but I'd have to say that Walker is the ham in the family. Last night at our Family Home Evening lesson he informed us that one of Jesus' miracles was changing water to swine! And here I thought I knew the bible so well.

The other morning he came up to breakfast wearing his swimming goggles and continued to wear them through the entire meal.

Who am I to tell him to take the goggles off? I love his creativity!!!

*** This week is i ♥ faces birthday!!!

To celebrate I'm entering the above photo in the challenge of the week, "Best Face Photo".

Head on over to check out some other REALLY great shots!


Unknown said...

Karli! He is SO cute. Oh my gosh! I LOVE his goggles at the breakfast table! Very fun! And I love his little smile too! Super cute!

andrea wardle said...

I secretly wanted to be the funniest kid in the family.... intentionally making people laugh and feel good. Alas, I think my brother one-upped me, and he's still funnier than me.

Walker is on his way to becoming a great ham. I love the goggles.

Thanks for the link. I'd never heard of that face blog before! It will be fun to follow!

fidget said...

LOL! so sweetly funny and water to swine? ROFL

Lynn said...

: D Too cute!

Marissa said...

OH kids are hilarious!!!! I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!


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