Jul 29, 2009

I Always Thought Stretching Was a Good Thing...

I love stretching. It's the perfect way to finish off a great run. I''ll even go as far as to say that if I stretch after a run I never get sore.


So, I stretch.

Our usual running route is on a straight stretch of road that easily allows us to see and hear any vehicles that are coming so for safety purposes we use it often. Because we are just on a side road there really isn't a lot of room for stretching so we plop ourselves right down in the middle of the road and do our stretching, moving whenever there are any vehicles coming. We have been doing this for weeks now and the system works well.

Well, it worked well until this morning that is!

Usually Becky and I hang out and visit for a while after the run... you know, to put off the craziness that our lives entail, at least for a few more minutes! This morning we were busy visiting and a police car pulled up next to us and rolled down his window to talk to us.

Now, you have to understand that we run kinda out in the country, not a lot of traffic, pretty quiet road and certainly never any police men!

So he pulls up beside and says, "Have you guys seen anyone laying on the road around here?"

We were confused and said we hadn't. After all, we'd been finished with our run and back to our vehicles for probably a half hour by that time. We did our stretches and then visited and hadn't seen anyone except a few cars.

The policeman radioed back to dispatch and asked for more information. Apparently someone had been driving by and had seen two vehicles, a gray truck (mine) and a blue SUV (Becky's) and saw someone laying in the middle of the road, not moving. Fearing something was wrong they called the police.

It just took us a few seconds to realize that they must have seen one of us laying there stretching and called the police!

My first thought was, "Well that's nice that someone is watching out for us!" and it was immediately followed by, "Wait, if there was someone laying in the middle of the road, not moving... why didn't they stop to help?!?!"

I guess they must have been in a pretty big hurry! :)

The policeman took our names, birthdates, addresses and phone numbers... "for the record" and then was on his way. We apologized a few times for him having to come out there and he was a great sport, joking with us and all.

I found the whole situation amusing.

I guess if someone driving by saw only one of us and we were laying on the ground stretching it could have looked like an injured body. We were probably doing this stretch -

I can see the confusion!


Lynn said...


ty and megs said...

hee hee. thanks for the laugh.:)

Kara said...

nice to have such great neighbors!

TL said...

that is so funny! Way to go on the running and then following it up with stretching, that's the part I'm lacking in. I get so tight and then finally I have to stretch for like an hour to get back to normal. Guess I'll follow your tactic and just plop down in the middle of the road when I'm done. It's usually a quiet street, I don't think the police would mind! :) Thanks for the laugh!

Marissa said...

That picture looks like she has a broken leg. Folks up there probably never knew that someone could be so limber and not be broken in pieces! You don't see too many loggers stretching. Maybe they should. Away from that heavy machinery, that is! So funny. Excited to see you in a few weeks when we work you guys over in softball. Get your gameface on!

Sheriece said...


I went on-set with Shane for his webisode thing on the 25th. We covered all these people with fake blood (sticky corn syrup - ICKY!) and cut up their clothes and just made them lay all around on a street in Orem. Of course, the police came by and we had to explain. Good times.... :)

Jared and Davian said...

That is SO funny! I must agree though... Why didn't they stop to help or check things out?
It was so good to visit with you again - makes me miss my old job even more!


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