Jul 28, 2009

Family Photos

So much to blog about...

so little time!!!

I have a lot of fun posts coming up about our super fun summer vacation, but in the meantime, please feel free to check out the family photos my sister did!

She's amazing!

Click here then click on proofing. The password is hurren.

I think my favorite family picture is #16...

What do you think?


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! How can SO much talent be in just ONE family! She is SOooo good! Now how did I miss that she is your sister?

Loved ALL the pics. I don't know how you are going to pic a favorite. The outfits you are all wearing are SO cute! Loved yours the most. ; )

Kelli said...

Your pictures are so cute!! But my favorites are 16, 22, and 30.

You have a beautiful family. I especially loved your red heels, very cute!

Karli said...


Emilie is actually NOT my sister... Kara is my sister. She's Emilie's assistant. They found each other during the Photo By Emilie giveaway I hosted on my blog months ago! Crazy huh? And you're right! She is VERY talented!

Lauri said...

I would want them all! #16 WAS especially personal - all those individual faces framed and hands set off by holding it.

Sheriece said...

My word, Karli... I loved them all. There's no way I could pick any favorites. Your boys are SO handsome. Why don't you move back here so Bella can marry Porter?? :D


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