Jul 17, 2010

He's Home

My little brother, Kasey, returned home from serving a two year mission in Chile!!! He survived days in the hospital from swine flu, many dog bites, a huge earthquake and so much more and now he's home with us, safe and sound!

Here we all are waiting for him to get off the plane!

And there he is.......
Looking awesome after two years away!

Chatting with one of his older brothers.

Korlyn (the only sibling younger than Kasey) was pretty excited to see him. He's grown up a lot over the last two years and pretty much towers over Kasey now!

Kyle, another older brother. I love the sheer joy on his face!

And dad. I'm getting teary just looking at these photos again!

A photo with all the nephews and nieces!

And all the brothers (except Garyn, we missed you man!) and sisters and mom and dad. Don't I have the best looking siblings? :)
Left to Right -
Korlyn, Kyle, Kaelen, Jana, Kasey, Jared, Karli, Kara
Dad and mom on the back row.

Kasey really missed his Barqs rootbeer down there in Chile but my parents remembered to bring one to the airport. Can you see the anticipation on his face? :)


Kasey, we are so glad to have you home. We are all so proud of you for serving an honorable two-year mission. You've done us proud and I am so thankful for you and the example you have set for your younger brother and all your nephews. We love tons!!!


Lynn said...

Oh man! I could hardly get through this post without a lot of mist in the eyes to see it.

I am now where your mom once was. I am a missionary mom for the VERY firs time. It's only been a month and a little bit more.

Your family is the cutest! And what a supportive family too. So cool. Congrats to your brother and all of you.

P.S. Love all the "K" names. Did your parents ever get tongue tied like we do with all of our kids' "C" names? LOL!

Jill said...

I'm so sad we couldn't be there so all of the fam could be together! But I'm excited to meet Kasey soon. Miss you guys!

Kayla said...

awww i love your posts about kasey!!! he looks great... cant wait to come home and give him a BIG hug! i miss that boy! thanks for sharing the pics :)

Diane Schneider said...

sniff,sniff....I barely know Kasey, but boy can you ever "feel the LOVE" thru these pictures!!!


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