Jun 30, 2010

Walker Turned 5!!!

Walker turned five a few days ago and I wanted to post some pictures from the fun day.

I'm convinced that all you need to throw the perfect kids birthday is a slip and slide and some cake and ice-cream. We also threw in some presents, hat making and a pinata for good measure and we had a blast!

Walker showing off his pirate hat creation.

The favorite gift of the day. Thanks Grandma Hurren!!!

Everyone making their hats.

Rainbow cupcakes were a special request.

I'm not sure how but Luke got some major air everytime he went on the slip n' slide.
And I didn't get any pictures of Walker without his tongue sticking out!

Emma and Kael loved it too!

Happy Birthday Walker. We love you so much and it makes me sad to think you are already five and almost ready to go to Kindergarten. Please stop growing so fast!!!!


Kara said...

Happy birthday Walker man! Sure do love you dude!

Leah said...

Love the super man air time photo! I totally miss our slip n' slide when we lived in Engen. We had a perfect hill; it's too flat here. :(

andrea wardle said...

So cute! Evan got super magformers for Christmas and we spent all morning as a family playing with nothing but those! They are way fun! I love the hang time on that slip-n-slide!

Sarah said...

Luke got air... because he's a Hurren!! After seeing all the pictures of Mike on his sledding trips, I am pretty sure it's safe to say that there's some magical airborne-capability DNA in those boys' blood.

Lynn said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a cute 5 year old!

Jyl said...

you know how to do a party! I love it! and I especially love the rainbow cupcakes!

joven said...

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