May 17, 2010

The Wedding, Part V

The Cakes!

For the reception in Canada we decided to have each of the sisters and sister-in-laws decorate their own cake and then the cakes would serve as the center pieces on the tables!

We can all thank Jana for the idea and basically getting us all through decorating our cakes.

Jana is my uber talented sister. She makes the most beautiful wedding cakes around.

My mom baked all the cakes, Jana stacked them, frosted them, helped us through making the fondant and coached us each in decorating our cakes.

So here are the results of our cakes...

Cake by Jill

Cake by Mindy

Cake by Rochelle and her mom Kim.

Cake by moi!

Cake by Kathi, my mom.

Cake by Becky.

The two bottom cakes are by Jana and the taller one is by Diane.

Thanks again Jana. This was a blast!


Jyl said...

WOW! I am so impressed! But not shocked that you are this amazing, I LOVE YOUR CAKE! I think I may just fly you in if I ever get married again to be my photographer and cake maker ... and hair piece maker, etc etc etc... you amaze m, and it was so good to see you the other week! Love you!

tiffany thorne said...

Oh Me Oh My! I Love Love Love them! and I Love Love Love all of you!! I miss you guys like crazy! the cakes are so wonderful!

Lynn said...

What a COOL idea! They are all SO gorgeous!!!

Kelli said...

What a freaking fun, creative, cute idea! It makes me want to get married again so I can do it. You have a very talented family. Amazing!!!


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