May 15, 2010

Crazy, Busy, Overwhelmed...

Those are just a few words to describe how I'm feeling these days.

My list of 'to do's' is getting longer, not shorter.

My yard is overgrown and in serious need of TLC.

My house looks like what I imagine the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina looked like.

My craft pile is getting out of control.

My photography is picking up to the point of me thinking I might have to actually start telling people 'NO'! GASP!!!

Baseball and Soccer season are in full swing leaving us with one night a week that is not scheduled out to the max.!

I'm plowing through things as best I can but until I get fully back on track, please enjoy some photos of what helped me get off track in the first place!

Mike and I spent a week in Playa del Carman, Mexico.

It was skookum!

We snorkelled in cenotes (underground rivers and caves) and in the ocean! This was my favorite thing we did on the trip! We saw sting rays, eagle rays, sea turtles, barracudas and tons of gorgeous fish.

We climber the ruins at Coba.

We took a ferry over to Cozumel where we rented a convertable beetle to drive around the island to find more snorkelling spots.
And Mike took a picture for me to update my Facebook profile with. Isn't that sweet? :)

We did some cliff jumping and zip lines...
...where Mike wowed everyone with his diving skills!

And ate at some fabulous restaurants above the market in Playa...
And we relaxed on the gorgeous beach!
These next photos are the first and second ones I took and the poor camera hadn't adjusted to the humidity yet. The lens was so fogged up!

A few tips for those of you thinking of doing something like this soon.
-You'll notice the swimwear in pretty much every picture! I would suggest multiple swimsuits because that's pretty much all we wore.
- I would also suggest a few swim suit cover ups. I only brought one and had to buy two more while I was there because we were in our suits the whole time. I just bought a couple of coverups that looked like dresses so I could throw them over my swimsuits and wasn't indecent for the restaurants!
- Bargain with people. If they quote you a price you can probably pay at least half of that and they will still sell it to you!
- Have fun!!!!

We had a fabulous time and I hope we don't wait eight years to do it again!

Happy Anniversary Mike! I love you more today than yesterday!!!


Lynn said...

Oh you lucky girl! How fun! Good excuse for getting "off track".

Wish I lived closer......I would come over and help you some how. Then you could tell me more about your trip. I LOVE it. Hope to make one like that someday.

What a perfect Anniversary trip. HAppy HAppy Anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary to you two -- it must have been *wonderful* to have a week to yourselves!

(The hubs and I are doing 10 years this year, and we were talking about doing Cancun -- he's got a business trip down there in November, so we thought I could go along. Your pics have definitely gotten me excited, even if I won't get him to myself for the week.)


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