Feb 1, 2010

Blog Stalker

There are a few blogs here and there that I like to stalk. I visit their blogs often because I enjoy their uplifting words, great crafty ideas, beautiful photography etc... but I never leave comments on these blogs because they don't know me from Adam! Personally, I love when people leave comments, whether I know them or not, it's always nice to find new friends and fun blogs. I would wager that most bloggers feel the same way about comments and yet here I am.... rarely leaving comments. It's bad blog etiquette is what it is! I'll try to do better.

Well, now that that's out of the way...

My reason for this post...

I was recently visiting one of these blog 'stalks' the other day and loved what she had to say about why she blogs. While I haven't had all of the same experiences or trials that she has, I can honestly say that I feel the same as her when it comes to why I blog. I loved her idea of printing the posts off and putting them in a binder for her kids and posterity. I know a few of you who print your blogs off professionally and I love the look but let's be honest... I've been meaning to do this for 2 years now and just haven't gotten around to it. A binder seems like a great way to start things off. Anyway, without further ado... the post from Christal...

Why do we blog?
Sometimes people think bloggers are wasting time, bragging or showing off what they can do or what they have. Or how freaking cute their kids are {guilty} j/k! Or what stunning skills and talents they have.
But really it has nothing to do with that.
I do it for the journal aspect, to record my favorite quotes and thoughts. I print mine all off and put them in a binder and someday when my kids look through them they can see real life what we did, things we made, feelings we have, etc.
I do it to share what I know {as mindless as it may be sometimes but its me} and to hopefully help someone in some way if I can through my own journey of life and experiences.
I've had lots of people ask about my allergies, the church, adoption, whatever...
Its a place where we as moms, women, {some men}
get and share ideas that help us be better moms and better people.
we craft no not all of us and that's totally fine, we are all different. but for those of us who do we do it to make our homes more homey and welcoming to share what works for us cause it may just work for someone else
we get dinner and recipe ideas that benefit our homes and family and add variety
we get product ideas that make life better, whether big or small
I 've found people that understand what I'm thinking and feeling because we've been through the same things
people who are going through what we have been through and continue to go through infertility.
I've learned that my thoughts and feelings are normal that the things I've felt over the past 13 years are normal. I don't have to feel alone or that no one understands what I'm going through because I've found so many going through the same thing or who have been and
I consider them friends some I haven't met yet, some I have.
Some may think we are a different breed but its improved my life, my kids life, my attitude and feelings and its helped me to keep connected to others who I don't normally see.
I enjoy it and I appreciate the feedback and help sometimes with issues.
ITS made me feel more thankful for all that I have, and made me more aware that no matter
our religion, country, race, weight, height, looks ...we all generally feel and think and hurt in the same ways.
Its made me appreciate the small things and enjoy the big things.
Its made a dull day, brighter. It's given me something to look forward to some days.
Its made me think a lot more than I ever have. I feel like I've become more accepting of not only myself and my flaws {that for the most part happen to be normal after reading all your blogs lol!} and others, and that feels good to feel like your doing something right and its okay to have a bad day.
and its nice to know we aren't all perfect and its okay to share and learn about it and from it.
We write what we feel in a place that is all our own to express our feelings, vent if we want and to share thoughts and our journey, and hopefully its a safe place to be free to say what we really feel and think and be respected for it. Because we are all different. and we all have a lot to learn from each other.
I think its good to be reminded that we all have our vices and trials that sometimes nobody knows about. That we don't always share with the world, but are there.
It's the judging, comparing, mocking and assuming that gets us in trouble mostly with ourselves, our thoughts and self confidence and hopefully we have the power to get over it and be ourselves to learn, grow and see each other for who we really are ----on the inside!
The little bits and pieces that make up life.
.... that's what I get from blogging.

Thanks Christal!

If you'd like to visit Christal's blog just click HERE. Her posts are wonderful and inspirational.

(and by the way, I did get permission to post this from Christal, just in case you all thought I was a stalker and a thief! But now that I think about it, I didn't specifically ask to take her photo off of her profile page and use it. Maybe I am a thief!?! Hope that's ok Christal!)


Lynn said...

Ha HA! I love it. I was so happy to see your comment on Christal's blog this morning.

She is awesome for sure! I couldn't have said what she said any better. I think she hit it the nail on the head for most of us bloggers for sure.

I hope you will get to meet Christal in person someday. She is exactly what you see on her blog. Love that girl.

And I told her that I couldn't wait to meet YOU in person either. ; D

Have a GREAT day Karli!

sherwinfuna74 said...

I have to agree with you... As for me, its one way of expressing myself, to practice my writing skills and be able to put that very special event on my history record.

I don't keep any journal. And to inspire people is a magnificent bonus of a blog keeper. :)

Christal said...

Hey stalker ha ha! Glad you liked it! I hope someday we do get to meet! I too look at lots of blogs I don't comment on but I love meeting new people so I try to leave one when I can!
{and thanks Lynn! Lynn is wonderful too! ttys
{nice to know the right click disabled thing doesn't even work lol!!}


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