Apr 18, 2009

Playin' Outside

My mom and dad are redoing their kitchen so Mike and I went over to help sand cabinets the other night. We brought the boys and their bikes too, since Grandma and Grandpa have a great driveway for riding. It was a beautiful evening and we had a ton of fun! Plus the lighting was prefect for some fun photos of the boys.

This is Max. He belongs to my brother Kaelen and his beautiful wife Rochelle. And I LoVe his blue eyes!

And HE loves his fingers!

We ate KFC on the bed of the truck and the boys thought that was just about the coolest thing they had done in a while!

And I got a ton of pictures of Luke. Please ignore the filthy face! If you've ever been to Vanderhoof in the spring then you understand how hard it is to keep a small child clean and runny nose free. If you've never been to Vanderhoof in the spring then please don't judge me! :)

Luke loved riding on the tricycle. He couldn't peddle but loved it all the same. Plus he looks like one of those little toad stool people on Mario Bros.

He also loved riding in Emma's pink convertible!

And as he sat drinking his yummy root beer he noticed some geese flying overhead and thought they were pretty neat.


Lynn said...

Oh the joys of in- between- seasons weather! ; )

Dana M. said...

ah, spring time in vanderhoof and the joys of mud...I think rain boots are a must to invest in!
Your kids are so adorable, I bet they love it outside.

Marissa said...

Cute! By the way- where the heck is all the snow? Aren't you guys still buried up there? Kidding. Lily said that they're driveway is finally thawed. Oh my.

Miss ya! We'll be up there in August...let's plan a co-ed football game or something. I kinda wanna see if you can get kicked out of that too. Ha!

Sheriece said...

Aw, what beautiful kids you have :) I love your guts!!

Sarah said...

That pic of Luke in the car looks like Walker!! .. and KFC? You're too nice of a mom! That stuff makes me ill!

Kelli said...

Great pics! I LOVE the one of Luke on the trike. You are such a good photographer! Way to capture all those sweet moments with your little cuties ;)

Jyl said...

your pictures are amazing

T. Lopez said...

CUTE cute & cute! I love it, way to capture the eyes! Vanderhoof in the spring is definately a clean-kid hinderance, but I really think boys+outside= DIRTY!!! Keep up the great posts, your blog is my fav =)


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